By Huda Heidi Kattan


How many of us know super easy beauty tips that can seriously add SOOO much beauty to our already gorgeous looks:) It’s so bad, but I’m always inundated with beauty tips from all of you amazing girls and other sources that sometimes I let some go! It’s terrible I know! One of the best beauty secrets ever and Miranda Kerr is a huge fan of it, is dry brushing! We all know how much Miranda Kerr loves her beauty! Of all the models I hear about, she seems to be one who really takes insane care of herself and has a plethora of beauty secrets!

Okay, what is dry brushing and why is it so AhhhMAZING? Well, dry brushing is a large brush that you can get from most pharmacies. It’s best to get one with natural bristles and one that does not feel too stiff! Start by using long strokes from your your ankles and wrist upwards to your heart, moving to other parts of your legs like your knees, etc. Dry brushing not only helps remove dead skin and banish ingrown hairs, but it also improves circulation and is a great way to combat cellulite! Miranda Kerr swears by it, as well as many other supermodels! I need to get on this pronto!