Would You Try This Trend?

Mon, 17 Jun 2013


By Huda Heidi Kattan


I’ve actually been dying to try this trend, since I saw it on the runway last year, BUT I honestly think it’s too difficult to master without looking like a grease head! For the past couple seasons we’ve seen the wet hair look become even more popular and now celebs are rocking it. I love how it can really compliment the shape of someones face and even make you look slim, but the insane amounts of gel look really greasy in my opinion! On the red carpet, it’s cool, but on an everyday basis just casually, it just looks a little gross in my opinion! Do you guys think this will catch on?

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9 Responses to Would You Try This Trend?

  1. I hope it won’t catch on ! Like you said — on the runway/red carpet it’s fine but for a day-to-day look… don’t think so.. It could work perhaps with less gel or a softer ‘wet hair’ look so that it doesn’t have that greasy look to it!

  2. 1 a.a.a

    I would only, my foreheads like Jabal Hafeet. So its a no for me. Honestly Huda! I think anything looks good on you mashaallah

  3. 2 Rajni

    Don’t you think its a good way to tame the frizzz..??!! ;)

  4. 3 RoudhJ

    Yeah! I mean why not

  5. 4 Karen

    I think it looks nice on photos but for everyday life they would think there is something wrong with you.

  6. 5 Amna

    have you seen sonam kapoor she tried on this trend in one of the events, i think it looked good on her, not for daily life though

  7. 6 raneem

    i think kk worked it in paris it looked nice on her

  8. 7 Tonya

    Maybe it’s good for those dirty hair days?

  9. 8 afra

    Hey huda….m realli a huge fan of ur blog !! All your DIYs with natural.products have done.miracles for.me….alright I have shifted to.india and stay in a typical.hostel…d place where.i live has got hard water and afted coming here m loosing hair.like.anythng !!!!…plus it looks realli greasy afted taking shower also ! I cant avoid washing my hair because I sweat a lot which ends.up in producing dandruff..pls huda hlp.me I donno.wht to.do :(

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