Tried & Tested | Body Shop’s Ximenia & Salt Scrub!

Tue, 18 Jun 2013


By Huda Heidi Kattan


I immediately fell in love with the way this body scrub looked! That whipped creaminess, just kind of made me feel like I was on the verge of discovering something amazing! Unfortunately this was not it. While the texture was creamy and the scrub felt nice, the Body Shop Spa Wisdom Ximenia & Salt Scrub wasn’t really anything special! When I used it on my skin, it felt pretty smooth, but then it kind of blended into nothing and left a film on my skin that I didn’t like! I really wanted the salt pieces to work a little better and not disappear! I really love body scrubs, so this one was kind of a bummer, especially the residue it left, I couldn’t really get over that!



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14 Comments on "Tried & Tested | Body Shop’s Ximenia & Salt Scrub!"

3 years 5 days ago

I love this product, its so thick and it leaves the skin moisturized N smooth. it best to use your hands only to scrub.


3 years 9 days ago

The best way to use this scrub is before shower on dry skin. The scent is nice and it leaves the skin smooth and hydrated. But agreed, it does take a little more work. I will still finish the tub I own but not sure if I would repurchase it. But I love the other Body Shop scrub, especially the Coconut and the Pink Grapefruit one.

3 years 9 days ago

This is a great body scrub, it smells divine, its thick so I use less, and the particles are fine and smooth so it doesn’t build up on your skin as you scrub. Love it!

3 years 10 days ago

The formula is so super thick that I never needed more than a teaspoon even for whole body scrub. The formula has oil and so even when I use just a teaspoon; the skin feels soft, clean and supple even without the use of a moisturizer even in the driest winters of Delhi! I do not use it very often as I am afraid that it will get over and luckily not much is required. So far I have used up half the product in 15 months.

3 years 12 days ago

Lush body scrubs are the best!

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