By Huda Heidi Kattan

Spray Tan

I know it’s summer and everyone is sunbathing, BUT I am still avoiding the sun! I will eventually get a little sun in, but it will be VERY little! Until then, I still want to look like I’ve been vacationing in the Riveria, so I love using instant tanners! Since I am moving, I am going through every piece of makeup, clothing etc and one of the things I found were a TON of instant tanning products!

I really started playing with the sprays and I found SUCH a huge difference with them! Honestly, some of them kind of sucked and some were really amazing! The two that really stood out to me were the Jet Set Sun and the Soap & Glory.

Jet Set Sun: As far as getting a really natural tan, the Jet Set Sun looks super natural, it has almost a greenish undertone that makes it look completely real! The only issue is it really is watery when you apply it, so you just have to make sure you blend it well! This Definitely had the BEST Natural look!

Sally Hansen: The Sally Hansen is really beautiful and has a great coverage that will cover up any blemishes, marks, and other imperfections! It blends really beautifully, but has a bit of glitter in it, so you really have to like shimmer to use it! I also like that it has a kind of orange tone that is not too orange, it looks like a golden bronze.

That’s So: Oh I really didn’t like this one! My sister will probably NOT like this review because it’s the one she sells at her salon, but I honestly didn’t like it! It was so green that it actually had a slight undertone of green in it when I applied it! I know the whole idea is a natural tan, but it just made my skin look green!

Soap & Glory: The Soap & Glory is definitely amazing for coverage! It also has kind of a bronze tone to it as well, which looks beautiful! I love this one because it has a matte coverage to it, which looks a little more natural and appealing than the Sally Hansen Airbrush tan! This is my favorite for great coverage and probably my favorite overall!

Best Spray Tan Sally Hansen Soap & Glory, That's So, Jet Set Sun