My…Can’t Live Without Vol 18

Thu, 20 Jun 2013


By Huda Heidi Kattan


I have seriously fallen in love with this line of beauty and of all the products in their range this may very well be the best product created! It actually might be the most amazing miracle cream I have ever used for fighting dry spots, eczema, rashes, irritation, and EVERY other skin disorder! It’s seriously unbelievable!

The other day I was sitting down with one of my friends, and she was saying how using the Human + Kind All in One Family Remedy Cream has changed her life, but it’s also helped my hubby and baby fight their eczema and it works insanely effective and well! I also love that it is super natural and uses only the most basic ingredients making powerful, but still mild on skin! This is so amazing! Seriously a cure-all!

Human + Kind All In One Family Remedy CreamAvailable at Boots in UAE or online at
31$ prices may vary

human + kind family remedy cream review

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9 Comments on "My…Can’t Live Without Vol 18"

2 years 11 months ago

I have tried this product as it promises to help acne scars but it worsen my acne. I waste my money although

3 years 3 days ago

This sounds really amazing actually! xx

3 years 6 days ago

Can you use this on your face?

3 years 5 days ago

I haven’t tried it on my face, but I would recommend a patch test first, maybe around the jaw

3 years 6 days ago

I have been experiencing an itchy feeling on my arms and legs which is super weird since I’m a Dubai girl.

Going to try this

3 years 5 days ago

I honestly think this will solve all your problems!

3 years 7 days ago

I love u huda so much ………. Can u plz tell me where I can get something I bleach my teeth in Dubai wid out going to the dentist ???

2 years 9 months ago

hey honey try creast 3D toothpaste t it is the Bom. i know everybody is raving about baking soda but it doesnt work for me but since i start using that toothpaste my tooth has diffidently has become white. i believe u can find it every where but make sure its 3D. i hope it helps :)

3 years 5 days ago

Hi darling! Have you tried using Baking Soda? It works really great:) Just mix a tiny amount with your toothpaste!

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