Tried & Tested | Wonder Eyelid Tape!

Mon, 29 Jul 2013


By Huda Heidi Kattan


Okay, so I may not be the BEST candidate for eyelid tape, considering my eyes are kind of deep set, but of course I had to try it to see what the hype was about! In case you’re not familiar with what eyelid tape is…well, it’s a tape that was created for hooded eyes, essentially to add more depth to the lid. So I tried it, I didn’t get it at all, I was wearing makeup when I tried it (which you’re supposed to apply before makeup) but I have to say, it did stick and actually disappear into my makeup! Is this a good tool for hooded eyes? Honestly, I really didn’t like it! I thought it was uncomfortable, and even though my eyes are deep set, I just don’t see how this can make a difference and look natural! My sister sells this at her salon, so she won’t like this review, but I am personally not a fan of this product (sorry Monie)!

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  1. sarah

    NOOOO,this is for the mono-lids.and it works so well.It’s written on the package in Japanese :) it’s used by people who has mono-lid to create a crease.Obviously because msA you have a deep crease it will not show on you.

  2. i beg to differ darling! i’m a MUA here in Malaysia and using this product is quite common amongst the asians here due to the fact that many have monolids or hooded actually helps a great deal to define more lid space..and the product (if placed correctly) does not feel uncomfortable at all! u’d hardly notice it is there! of course u must apply it before makeup application..that way its less noticeable..TBH, my one eye has a bigger lid space than the other..this thing actually helps to correct my smaller eye and make both eyes look almost symmetrical <3 I HONESTLY LOVE IT!! Monie made the right choice i believe! heheh lotsa love..


    • 2 hudabeauty

      Thank you for your insight! This is soooo great to see someone who uses and loves this! :) Xxxx

  3. 3 Amina

    My Asian friend uses something similar daily and swears by it! I’m not sure how it works regardless of the countless times she has tried to explain the concept of it

  4. What is the name of your sister’s salon?

    • 5 hudabeauty

      Dollhouse Dubai! (800 DOLL), they have the best retail space for a salon in UAE!

  5. 6 Mariam

    I have one drooping eyelid, do you this can help with this at all?

    • 7 hudabeauty

      I think it may, considering it is quite strong, but I don’t know if it will be comfortable

  6. 8 raneem

    you dont need it you have pretty eyes all ready :)

  7. 10 suzan

    What is ur contact lense brand and color ? Pls

  8. This is nothing new. And I have to say you used it wrongly. No one would ever put it right up there. It’s supposed to put quite close to your lashes!

  9. 12 Rania

    Hello my lovely, random, off the topic question, which or what brand do you use to keep all your makeup brushes in?

  10. 13 Asma

    I couldn’t understand how its applied it looks weird to me :S

  11. You place the strip on your eyelid and when you open your eyes, voila, the droop has gone. But that’s not the only non-surgical trick ­celebrities have up their sleeves.

  12. One of my eyes (my right) is “hooded”, and actually instead of buying Eye Tape I just use regular everyday tape that I cut to fit my eyelid. Pretty drastic, but it works and solves the problem!

  13. 16 Kristy

    where can I purchase this from the US? Around how much should it be? and what’s the difference between the blue and pink packaging??

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  15. 19 3lya

    omg omg omg omg!!!! where can I get this pleeeease???

  16. 20 sara

    Eyelash glue and a nail pick/hair pick/bobby pin can work the same as the tape, and its less expensive. I have hooded eyes, but they don’t bother me. :)

  17. 21 Rania

    Thank God you mentioned they sell it at dollhouse I’ve been looking for these forever now! How much r they?

  18. Wowww
    this product is so wonderful
    Thank you for sharing
    Maggie D.
    The Indian Savage diary Fashion Blog

  19. This Product is very Good Makes very Cool and attractive Shape of eye <3

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