CONTEST TIME!! The Perfect Eid Gift! From Huda Beauty ♥

Tue, 30 Jul 2013


By Huda Heidi Kattan


Hiiii My Loves!! I am sooo excited to be sharing this with all of you, but we have just launched The Huda Beauty Box! It’s a mix of my favorite lashes in 1 kit! We have to kits, Natural and Glamorous and each kit has three sets of lashes! We have a VEEERY limited amount of boxes, but I wanted to do a giveaway of them before they hit counters on Thursday! We launched a “Show Me Your Eyes” campaign on the Huda Beauty Facebook page! It’s really easy, all you have to do is upload a picture of your eyes and submit your information! It’s really easy! The contest is up for a few days so make sure you enter!

For this contest, there will be 10 winners, each winner will win two boxes, the Natural & Glamour box! The Natural Box has Giselle #1, Alyssa #2, & Coco Jo #4, while the Glamour Box has Giselle #1, Monique #3, & Candy #5! So have fun!


55 Responses to CONTEST TIME!! The Perfect Eid Gift! From Huda Beauty ♥

  1. Poonam Sharma

    Huda, I’m not on Facebook :( xxx

  2. 1 Poonam Sharma

    I’m not on Facebook so can’t enter :(

  3. 2 mariam

    Where do we submit the picture and info?

  4. I’m in!

  5. 4 sanaa

    I didnt know how and where to upload the pic on the page!?

  6. 5 Rawan

    Hi Darling how do I submit picture? In FB and tag ur name? Is that what you mean? How many pictures can we submit :-) xxx

  7. 6 raiz

    hello huda..i would like to ask you that the eye pic will be selected by yours or its by vote..i dont like voting know much better u can judge the better one and where to post the eyes picture

  8. 7 shehneela

    well can it be with all the eye make up or natural? just wanted to know that! im so excited for this competition!

  9. 8 pinky

    omg ur awesome!

  10. 9 Ruhala

    Hey huda. Great contest. Love the idea. Facebook link is not working. :( Also where do we send the picture to and what information needs to be included. Hope you can reply back. Thanks x

  11. 10 Amna

    What lipstick are you wearing??

  12. 12 amina

    hey love, so excited to join this competition! but i was just wondering, where do we post the picture?? just on your facebook page? love you doll xxx

  13. 13 Sherin Shawish

    Is this competition only available in the UAE Huda ??

  14. 17 Nada

    Where upload the picture ??!!

  15. 18 Rita

    Hi dear, the link isn’t working..

  16. 19 shakiba


  17. Hi Huda, can you post the link where to upload the picture, please.. Thanks, XoXo <3

  18. 21 Jeena

    Which lipstick are you wearing in this photo? It looks beautiful! :)

  19. Hey Huda! The link isn’t working! I commented on a fb post of yours and you did reply that it started working again but I still cant access it. Can we just post it on your wall or on twitter? What other information should I include??

  20. 23 Mary Monroe

    omg yayyy so exiting congrats!! Xoxo

  21. 24 Jeena

    Could you do a tutorial for the makeup you have on in this photo?

  22. 25 Mary Monroe

    Are you sure there’s a link to an app because It keeps going to your facebook page

  23. 26 noor

    WOW this picture of you is absolutely stunning MA! Your nose looks great, is the japense nose pincher working for you? Please do an update

  24. 27 noor

    where do we send the pic? link takes me to the fb page only

  25. 28 Samira

    HI, Huda!!! love this look!
    I’d like to know is it somehow possible to buy your lashes online? cause I live in Russia))

  26. 29 Sherin Shawish

    I just watched Demi Lovato’s Music video “Made in the USA” and i really liked her makeup coz it looks so natural can u pls make a tutorial ASAP Huda ?? and thanx for ur previous reply xo

  27. 30 Jury

    I posted one on Instagram hopefully I am one :)

  28. 31 maria

    what bronzer/contour are you wearing in the picture?

  29. Hi Huda,

    i think the application to upload the photo doesnt work.
    Should I put it on your wall??

    much loveee x

  30. Hi Huda, your skin loooks so polished here, what are you wearing foundation and powder please? looking amazing Masha’Allah

  31. 34 Hanna

    Hi how do i enter on facebook I followed this link but it leads to your facebook fan page do we just tag the picture?

  32. 35 Richa

    Huda, this picture of you is STUNNING! OMG. Honestly, one of your best shots. Beyond beautiful

  33. 36 anu

    I cant enter…it says file size is small :(

  34. 37 diana

    I was disappointed by the price of your lashes. I know it’s not for everyone, and I know you have a targeted audience, but if your lashes were cheaper, I would have bought 10 at least every month. My friends and I discussed this the other day and even the rich ones opt for The Face Shop’s eyelashes which are sold for AED 15 only and they are awesome.

    It may be too late now to consider selling your lashes for a lower price, but expensive products may be great, but not everyone can afford them. Life in Dubai is not easy and buying lashes is considered a luxury my many.

    But anyway, they look great and I will try them when I have a big fancy event one day :)

  35. And I live in Russia too)) and I want to buy your lashes! It is possible to buy lashes by Huda online???

  36. 39 Mariam

    HUDAAA PLS REPLY :D what contour bronzer are you wearing in this photo? you look flawless dear!

  37. 40 fatima

    what is the bronzer you have put on huda? perfect

  38. 41 farah

    huda what nose contour color did you use! pleeeassee reply huda :)

  39. Great product, but mainly wanted to say that you look gorgeous!

  40. I am so excited for you. You deserve this. You’re an amazing woman. Great work!

  41. 44 kh

    The link doesn’t work , please where can I participate ?

  42. 45 lida

    woooooow gorgeous hair color!!! :O

  43. 46 Dunia

    Where do we post our photo?

  44. 47 Sonia

    Hey darling Is that normal that u still didnt pick the 10 most goergous, it was supposed to be this morning 10am according to the “contest date” that u post. ?

    • 48 hudabeauty

      Hi darling! I selected them! My developer is just going to post them!

  45. 49 Amna

    Huuudiee can you do a tutorial, I have a wedding to attend and i want to copy your look, you look sooo GORGEOUS!

  46. 50 shizzy

    Huda, pls do a tutorial on this look you look soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo pretty~~
    The skin , the eyes and lips everything is so perfect. pls do a tutorial

  47. 51 noor

    show us how u contoured for this look in the pic

  48. Where did you developer post them Huda?

    • 53 hudabeauty

      Hi darling! I will check with them and see if they can post them all on facebook and I will try to also post them here!

  49. 54 sonia

    what foundation are you wearing!?? it looks stunning!

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