Clarins’ Gorgeously Golden Bronzer! (LOVE)

Mon, 5 Aug 2013


By Huda Heidi Kattan


Finding the right bronzer is actually harder than it seems–they are either too orange, too dark, too brown, too cakey! I have a TON of bronzers and love to compare them! Of course I fell in love with the Clarins’ Splendours originally because of the awesomeness of the design, when I tried it I was seriously amazed at how it had the perfect amount of brown and orange that really gives you a gorgeous bronzed glow! I would say it’s not one that I would prefer for contouring (although you can), but it’s great to make you look super tanned and bronzed!

I wore this over weekend while I was traveling in Oman, and I got so many girls commenting on my makeup. I will definitely do a tutorial on it very soon, but this was really my key to a gorgeously tanned face! It’s such a beautiful color and I love that it actually shows up on light to medium skin!

Clarins Splendours Bronzer
Available at Clarins counters world wide
$35 prices may vary






9 Responses to Clarins’ Gorgeously Golden Bronzer! (LOVE)

  1. Asha

    Hi Huda,

    Just wanted to share 2 alternatives. I once swatched “Baked” by Urban Decay at a Sephora counter and absolutely loved it. I hear its great on most skin tones and the reviews have been great mostly and quantity is also good. A cheaper alternative is perhaps the huge disc shaped one available at H&M. A friend used it for touch up at a party recently and swears by it. What impressed me was the quantity and she mentioned she doesn’t feel the need to use a blusher. She likes the overall glowy, bronzy look and she has a nice tan complexion.


  2. 1 Nasra

    Love da design…it is beautiful.cant wait to see the tutorial huda

  3. 2 Ofelia Berenger

    Hi Huda I am new to your chanel and since I am in the cosmetic business myself I can appreciate your honesty and that you are unbiased :) thank you for your lovely tutorials!

  4. 3 noor

    best drug store bronzers huda ???

  5. If I were to judge a book by the cover, I’d buy it for the packaging ad imprint alone! LOL

  6. 5 BeautyGlam

    Yes please tutorial soon!!

  7. 6 Mary Monroe

    Beautiful color! Can’t wait for a tutorial miss them!

  8. 7 Donna

    Donnow, I m pretty fine w/ INGLOT multicolor bronzer, would b intresting to know ur opinion, hon! Thank you.

  9. 8 ats

    wow,can’t wait for a tutorial.

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