By Huda Heidi Kattan


This is without doubt the skincare launch I have been waiting to tell you guys about! I have been using this for the past month and I am so blown away with how amazing this trio is! A lot of skincare products are created for certain needs, this one is created specifically for women who have tired skin, which is almost everyone! It really does resynchronizes your skin and kind of add balance and radiance back! Within the first two weeks, it’s incredible how even it makes your skin look within a short time of using it!

In case you’re wondering how to use this, it’s actually really easy! You use the Le Jour De Chanel in the morning before your other serums, then you use the La Nuit De Chanel in conjunction with your other night serums (the order doesn’t matter). The Le Weekend De Chanel is to be used by itself over the weekend! Okay, the Le Weekend De Chanel is soooo incredible! The whole system is amazing, but the Le Weekend is really that great treatment that gives you a gorgeous glow and is kind of my secret weapon before important events!

Le Jour De Chanel, La Nuit De Chanel, Le Weekend De Chanel
Available at Chanel counters world wide
$85-115 each, prices may vary


Le Weekend De Chanel