Is This the Best Face Mask to Fight Breakouts?

Tue, 6 Aug 2013


By Huda Heidi Kattan


The Black Glam Glow has become a stable in my beauty closet, but I always get soooo many questions about the white bottle! I finally got it and I now know they are similar but also very different! They both have a clay base to them, but the black one is full of green tea leaves, while the white one has a ton of acne fighting ingredients! Personally, I like the black a bit more, but the white is incredible to keep your skin clear!

To use this, apply to clean, dry face and let sit for 5-10 minutes or until dry. Then use a warm wash cloth to remove mask and follow with your favorite moisturizer! After you use it, you will notice your skin is noticeably softer, and the oils in your skin will definitely feel under control! Reuse biweekly or as needed.

Glam Glow SuperMud Clearing Treatment
Available at Dollhouse Salon (800-DOLL, for deliveries) or online
$69 prices may vary






26 Responses to Is This the Best Face Mask to Fight Breakouts?

  1. jamie h

    hey huda!! which moisterizer do you use ?? and do you use any firming products?? I’m noticing my eyes are not as firm as they used to be , any products in mind?? thanks !

  2. 1 Layla

    Finally! Thank you for not wearing contacts. Your real eyes are sooooooo much prettier :)
    Did this product make your skin purge? I’m kind of scared because of that reason

  3. 2 Bnaz

    Where can I buy the Black Glam Glow in dubai ?

    • 3 hudabeauty

      Yes darling! It’s available with the white glam glow

    • 4 Noura

      I found both at sephora.. but don’t even waste your time asking them about that difference and which one is better. Huda has summarized that very well !

  4. 6 AF

    Tried it and it was a big disappointment :( it did nothing for me, not even heal up my pimples. I haven’t tried the Black jar yet so I’m quite hesitant on buying it. But as you said, they are both different.

  5. 7 Reem

    Its available in sephora and blooming dales too :) just letting you know..

  6. Who doesn’t want a clearer softer skin… I am surely gonna pick this one.. Thanks

  7. 9 Noor

    Hudaaaaaa we want Eid loook plz that red lips look recently u post plzzzz

  8. 10 BeautyGlam

    I looove the black one! I just bought my second one! I think I might pick this one up too and try it out! Thanks for the review. xxxx

  9. 11 Joory

    My sister & I coudn’t keep the Black Glam Glow on our faces for a minute !!
    It was so burning & left our skin red !
    I don’t know why :(

    • 12 Thulile

      I have recently started using the white one, OMG! I can not give this product enough praise. I’m less oily and my breakouts are less frequent and they don’t leave any marks after the the spots have cleared. I use it directly on the spots as treatment too. If you suffer with acne ESP during that time of the month , this product is definite MUST . Oh my skin tone is more even as well.

  10. 13 Naba

    Hi Huda I went to Oxford st today I didn’t believe my eyes I fount it in marks and spencer!!!!i grap it very fast and I just tried it,it WOOOOOOOW love love my skin so clear….thanx Huda xxxx

  11. 14 Mary Monroe

    still on my makeup check list can’t wait to try both!

  12. 15 Tara

    Huda, I bought this from Dollhouse and been using it consistently…I have bad acne and was wondering if this makes you break out before it gets better? I can’t tell the difference because I look at my skin every 5 minutes :( Help!

  13. I’ve heard so many good things about this mask! I’ll have to splurge soon and try it!

  14. 17 Mist

    Hi Huda . You are MasAllah doing a very good job . I need to know i have turned 32 and i am not able to find a good cleanser . my skin is acne prone and this is making my complexion dull can you plz plz tell me what should i use to make it bright and fresh . plz help

  15. Huda, you’re reviews are amazing. I was wondering if you suggest glycolic peels, microdermabrasion for stubborn acne scars?

    • 19 hudabeauty

      Hi darling, they are DEF great, but using them too much will make your skin thin over time! Use them as needed, maybe every 45-60 days depending on your skin type, but scrub at home every other week or as needed. The best way to get rid of scars, have you tried Boots Scar Cream or Kiehl’s Dark Spot Remover (I like that one more)! They really work! Also, if you don’t mind the pain, carboxy or CO2 will REALLY work, it’s done in most medi-spas and they basically inject you with carbon dioxide, it really works!

  16. I really like the Dead Sea mud mask by Pure & Essential Minerals – all organic ingredients. It’s way more affordable than GlamGlow and excellent quality. I bought mine at Amazon.

  17. 22 yassora

    Huda pls which one white or black minimize large poers ..answer pls

  18. 23 Emily1214

    Hi, this is my first time posting a comment. :) yay! I know that you do beauty give aways sometimes, so I was wondering if you could give away some of this mask. I have heard amazing things, but unfortunately, it’s SUPER expensive. Think about it. I really enjoy your blog btw. :) Thanks!

  19. Hi, this is my first time posting a comment. ! I know that you do beauty give aways sometimes,unfortunately, it’s SUPER expensive. ….where can i have it…thank u lovely

  20. I need to try out supermud since my skin is super oily and my pores clogged easily.

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