By Huda Heidi Kattan

Ever hear that old expression, “if something is too good to be true, it probably is”? Well, in the case of Lipo Cryo I can definitely shed some light on whether or not it actually works. Personally, I have had my own struggles with weight. I’ll be honest, I don’t focus on them too much, but I try to do what makes my body feel good. For instance, there is nothing that makes me feel more icky than eating fried food, so I generally avoid it (even though I love it), and juice makes me happy, so I drink a lot freshly squeezed juices when I can. Having said that, I don’t work out, like at ALL! Aside from chasing after my daughter, and applying makeup (that counts, right?), I literally do minimal to zero exercise!

Now, there is an area on my body that has always bothered me–my back fat, or as I like to call it, my wings! Okay, they aren’t horribly bad, but they’ve always been there! When I was in highschool and thick, to when I was obsessed with working out and weight lifting and had dangerously low body fat. They just don’t really go away too much. It’s hereditary and I got them! Yaay! I definitely considered doing liposuction on them since it’s just a problem area that seems to stick no matter what I do, but I am a firm believer that moving fat cells out of your body, will mess with the natural balance of things! After trying Lipo Cryo, I am convinced!

Okay so here’s the review! The whole process is not bad! They basically plug you up to a machine that sucks on your fat, and feels SOOOOO cold, a little uncomfortable in fact. It’s not painful, it’s just not comfortable. Then, you return a little while later for some seriously intense massage, personally this hurt a lot! You’re supposed to see results within 30 days in the treated area. I did this on my back and really was hoping that it would just look a little less flabby, but the opposite actually happened. The area got flabbier! It was awful! I don’t know if it’s because maybe it’s more stubborn fat, to be honest, even though it was fat, it was very firm. Now it’s soft! The women told me it could take two sessions, and I believe since it was a little firm to begin with it would benefit from a second session.

Now here’s the problem: I never really had fat on my arms, I mean they weren’t too toned since I don’t work out, but nothing too bad where I would feel uncomfortable. Well, now I am noticing my arms look really fat! Like almost lumpy! It’s for this reason I am most definitely not into the whole idea of lipo at all! Luckily, I did lose weight by eating fairly clean (thanks to Paleo for a few weeks), but I am terrified of gaining weight and seeing it in my arms again! I do believe lipo cryo may work for some people if it is an area that is fairly soft, but I would expect to see that weight return in other areas, which I am not sure that it is worth the risk! A friend of mine did her arms and now she gained a ton of weight in her mid section!