Does Lipo Cryo (Fat-Freezing) Really Work? Here’s My Experience!

Wed, 26 Feb 2014


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Ever hear that old expression, “if something is too good to be true, it probably is”? Well, in the case of Lipo Cryo I can definitely shed some light on whether or not it actually works. Personally, I have had my own struggles with weight. I’ll be honest, I don’t focus on them too much, but I try to do what makes my body feel good. For instance, there is nothing that makes me feel more icky than eating fried food, so I generally avoid it (even though I love it), and juice makes me happy, so I drink a lot freshly squeezed juices when I can. Having said that, I don’t work out, like at ALL! Aside from chasing after my daughter, and applying makeup (that counts, right?), I literally do minimal to zero exercise!

Now, there is an area on my body that has always bothered me–my back fat, or as I like to call it, my wings! Okay, they aren’t horribly bad, but they’ve always been there! When I was in highschool and thick, to when I was obsessed with working out and weight lifting and had dangerously low body fat. They just don’t really go away too much. It’s hereditary and I got them! Yaay! I definitely considered doing liposuction on them since it’s just a problem area that seems to stick no matter what I do, but I am a firm believer that moving fat cells out of your body, will mess with the natural balance of things! After trying Lipo Cryo, I am convinced!

Okay so here’s the review! The whole process is not bad! They basically plug you up to a machine that sucks on your fat, and feels SOOOOO cold, a little uncomfortable in fact. It’s not painful, it’s just not comfortable. Then, you return a little while later for some seriously intense massage, personally this hurt a lot! You’re supposed to see results within 30 days in the treated area. I did this on my back and really was hoping that it would just look a little less flabby, but the opposite actually happened. The area got flabbier! It was awful! I don’t know if it’s because maybe it’s more stubborn fat, to be honest, even though it was fat, it was very firm. Now it’s soft! The women told me it could take two sessions, and I believe since it was a little firm to begin with it would benefit from a second session.

Now here’s the problem: I never really had fat on my arms, I mean they weren’t too toned since I don’t work out, but nothing too bad where I would feel uncomfortable. Well, now I am noticing my arms look really fat! Like almost lumpy! It’s for this reason I am most definitely not into the whole idea of lipo at all! Luckily, I did lose weight by eating fairly clean (thanks to Paleo for a few weeks), but I am terrified of gaining weight and seeing it in my arms again! I do believe lipo cryo may work for some people if it is an area that is fairly soft, but I would expect to see that weight return in other areas, which I am not sure that it is worth the risk! A friend of mine did her arms and now she gained a ton of weight in her mid section!

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  1. Khanoom

    I agree,if it’s suppose to work why did the doc belly was tht huge ???he could have done it too!right?!

  2. 1 maya

    hudaaa please i like so much to know did you try mat lumiere foundation from Chanel? And do you like vitalumiere Aqua more or the new perfection lumiere?

  3. 2 Ghazal

    OMG today asked my doctor about this procedure for my friends and she said it wont be effective at all .3yearsago I was suffering a lot bcz of my big hips so after long research I decided to do C02 therapy and surprisingly it was effective and my fats didn’t move to somewhere else.but i must say it was little bit irritating after each session but it worth a lot.

  4. 3 VQ

    Hey huda im such a huge fan of yours like seriously :) where did u get this lipo cryo fromi? Please recommend someone in dubai?

  5. 4 saki

    Omg horrible I would be mortified

  6. 5 Kim

    Mini beet protocol is one thing that takes care of stubborn fat, amongst other things….. Works best with some exercise, especially bikram yoga.

  7. 6 Newmom

    Hi huda ! I just want to share my story , I did it and this thing doesn t work at all, I did after I gained a lot of weight after my pregnancy and it was done to get rid of the fat around my stomach , it has been more than a year and the fat didn t go away, actually like u mentioned in ur review i felt like it got worse, besides the pain i felt after the procedure.It was a waste of money . I wish I trusted the reviews that I read on line that it didn t work .and then when I went back to them saying that I didn t see no results , they said I might need more sessions which means more money. And this time I didn t fall for it.
    There is nothing like a healthy way to loose weight : healthy food and the gym.

  8. 7 Rasha

    Hi Huda, I need your help! Ive had these “bumps” or ingrown hairs on my thighs and legs since i can remember.. Whats the best way i can get rid of them? Please help, spring is around the corner for me (I live in Michigan) and i dont want to show my legs because of this. Thanks

  9. 8 Alkay

    Here is the thing with fat, once it enters your body it can never leave… Unless you burn and burn and burn those calories. Fat deposits like to grow in clumps which make the appearance of cellulite more prominent. Once you start eating right, your fat deposits stop growing because you stop consuming bad fats. Your body starts slowly eating away at fat (what this means is that the body, when it has Los levels of ATP energy, it will go to convert glycogen into glucose to make ATP, and when that fails the body starts using your fat as fuel). Once you start adding a work out to your routine, you eventually will see a major difference. With a mixture of cardio and weight training, you can achieve great results. Remember, when you work out you must take high protein intake.

    • 9 newmom

      I totally agree , as i mentioned before i did this coolsculpting or freezing the fat and it didn t work and now i started doing crossfit and i already see some changes and it has been only a month and a half. eating healthy and working definitly works.

  10. 10 nina

    Babs just start exercising it will help alot alot

  11. 11 Belle

    @ Alkay: what about aqualyx ? injections of lipolytics that allows you to urinate out fatty deposits?

    Though in the preliminary stages, I’ve read it can really produce real results. personally i believe that weight loss can be done with injections and vacuum suction and we’re on the brink of some breakthrough technology, though some may fear the route of science.ATP expenditure coupled with calorie deficit (i.e exercise & diet) is one possible method, but this will onlyshrink fat cells, you can get rid of them (sagging skin, batwings etc) Thus, this is what cosmetic research should focus on- theactual physical moment or removal of such cells as in liposuction (but ideally minimally invasive)

    however, for better cardiovascular, neurological results ( and lower CV risk) probably best to have exercise in the mix. let me know what you think.

  12. Just work out. There are no short cuts.

  13. 13 AC

    Hi Huda, thank you for all the great info and tips. I was wondering if you could give some makeup tips specifically for asian look girls. : )

  14. 14 Hamood

    there is something calleed L- carnitine ..sulgar prodoct is the best…take it, and it helps to reduce fat….its good for heart as well.

    and do this in da morning and evening..and day after do once..and next day do twice..etc no music no chit chat with friends what happend last night..focus on ur abs…real focus…

    remember, no caff, no sugar no oil coily stuff……little carbs in da morning and afternooon..after 2:00 carbs no jenka penka…only salad and grilled meat…

    see the results in 2 weeks or less..depends on your body…

    remmeber some people have hyrmone issue…sort this out..or even blood issue..or even check these things before proceeding..coz you may diggin in the wrong hole…


  15. 15 rasha

    Huda.. I will give u my tested way to kill that fat .. and get glowing skin .. but u can use this way if you are not planing to be pregnant in the coming couple of years.. its beauty pills Retin A … ur doctor can descripe them to you … they dry the body .. u will peel like hell .. in first month u will feel thursty.. but after that .. u will see the result…

  16. 16 rasha

    And play for 45 min daily cross train .. its amazing exercise

  17. 17 Seba

    To the above commenter, “no salt” is a very bad idea, especially when you’re exercising. When you sweat, your body loses electrolytes through it…so you need to replenish them. Coconut water is a good idea in this case. Keep in mind, the body NEEDS sodium. Not too much, but not too little. You could die from too low sodium levels.

    • Heidi have you check out fat freezing by Asrai’s Touch . It’s different than the expensive lipo cyro you tried and it a home procedure. You wear it at home and the treatments can be repeat until you lose all the fat you want. It’s a spot treatment or an all over body slimming program. I have been using it for 2 years, I’m a perfect size 4 now. That’s the size I had been all my life until I hit my 50s. It’s great not worrying about having an extra piece of pie and putting on 3 pounds. It you would like to try Asrai’s Touch Fat Freezing Body Wrap to give a review, please contact me at . Check out the website, you’ll find some reviews from others who have tried it.. The science of fat freezing is wonderful, it makes our lives so much easier. Here a video that helps explains how it works.

  18. An interesting review, thank you for sharing. We practice Fat Freezing techniques in our clinic in Cardiff, and get great results from “Cryogenic Lipolysis”. It sounds like you definitely had some changes to your problem area on your back, it would of been interesting to have your results reviewed, to get a better idea of the outcome. Did your clinic take measurements & photos? How does it look & feel now? – we advise that it can take up to 12 weeks in some cases for the area to settle. You can see before & afters & reviews from our clients here too :D

  19. 20 John Adams

    who does this type of ‘surgery’ in Housotn? BTW, since there are obviously other beneficial side effects, weight loss and fat reduction, can this qualify as a non elective surgery? NOT COSMETIC?

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