By Huda Heidi Kattan


I have to be honest, I am fool for quite packaging or anything pink, so I thought what the who, why not try the Makeup Eraser? Turns out this thing actually works! The Makeup Eraser is actually a cloth, with a very interesting texture, it’s possibly the softest material I have felt in my life, softer than fur! Once you wet it, it holds water, but not evenly, it feels like only parts of the Makeup Eraser hold the water. Then once you start wiping your makeup, even waterproof makeup, it all just starts to wipe away! I was pretty amazed! I didn’t have to use crazy pressure, or anything, it just started to kind of melt off! My face was completely clean to makeup in sight!

The only down side with this (and it’s a MAJOR one), you can’t remove the makeup from the cloth without washing it! So it kind of sits there in the cloth, which I think looks gross! My husband and I have separate bathrooms, but I would not want him to see that, it looks dirty! I would definitely get more than one!

Makeup Eraser
Available at Dollhouse Dubai or online
$20 prices may vary

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