By Huda Heidi Kattan


Hi My Loves!! Super happy Friday to all of you!! I thought I would go down celeb lane and share some of their favorite beauty tips! For weight loss and also looking faaab 🙂

Weird Celebrity Beauty Secret–Miranda Kerr!

As much as hear celebs spending thousands to get perfect skin & hair, sometimes it shocking to see some of their favorite beauty secrets actually cost less than $10! Click here for more!


Can You Guess The Top Ways Celebs Stay Thin! (3 Must Steal Tips)!

Chocolate fudge sundae, nutella, double pounder with cheese, deep dish pizza–YUMM!!! I am literally salivating right now and want to eat everything on this list Click here for more!


Adriana Lima Just Told Me 3 AWESOME Beauty Secrets!

t was really exciting to have lunch with Adriana Lima today! She is here for Victoria’s Secret of course– Click here for more!