By Huda Heidi Kattan


I have been waiting for this to hit Dubai for MOOOONTHS!!! So growing up in the states means I never got to try Bioderma Sensibo makeup remover, which means I basically did not start living until about 3 years ago!

I remember the first time I tried it–I was working backstage at London Fashion Week and one of the makeup artist handed it to me, I was hooked, right then and there I made sure to stock up on it every time I went to Paris before discovering that it is sold pretty much everywhere in Dubai! In case you haven’t used the Sensibo Makeup Remover, it’s basically like magic water! It removes all of your makeup–ALL OF IT, while still being just as gentle as water! Naturally when I saw the wipes on my friends IG I freaked! Now I have finally been able to try the wipes, and I must say, it is about time!

Are the wipes as good as the normal Sensibo H20? I think this is going to come down to preference, but personally both are a must have! The wipes are very pratical and make removing makeup all over the face, super easy! The cloth is pretty soft, a really size and thickness and it is just as effective as the H20 n removing makeup! The only thing I would have loved is if they were a bit more moist. They did the trick really well, and I found myself reaching for them day after day for the past week (which if anyone knows about my makeup wipe obsession, that’s pretty big). So are these a hit, I definitely love them and think they are really good for anyone with sensitive skin who wears light to medium makeup makeup. For heavy makeup users you may need to dampen the wipe or use more than one!

They are definitely a bit pricey for wipes, but given how awesome Bioderma is for your skin, I think the price is actually really fair (PS Most of their products can be used on kids)!

Bioderma Sensibo Wipes
Available at Boots Pharamacy
$17 prices may vary