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We all know about Botox, lip fillers, and boob jobs – they’re the norm. You can get a booty like J-lo in just hours, and a little filler here and there to knock the years off in minutes. And why not? We’re all about you doing you. But, what if we told you there were treatments that you’d never even heard of going on right now. Despite the transparency of celebs and our fav influencers on Instagram, there are still some surgery techniques the A-list are getting all the time that you didn’t even know existed! We spoke to Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Marc Mani, to get the low-down on the latest procedures celebs are getting.

The New Face Contouring

You’ve all heard of cheek implants and fillers to give you the dream of chiseled cheekbones, because who doesn’t aspire to have the cheekbones of Angelina Jolie. But here’s the tea: there’s a new method of getting your bone structure goals, and it doesn’t involve adding anything to your face. The procedure, which goes by the very sexy name of ‘buccal fat pad removal,’ highlights your cheekbones in the most natural way possible. The surgery involves removing the buccal fat pad, a small area of fat that sits in the cheeks below the cheekbones. The operation is quick and scarless and requires just a small incision inside the mouth (a centimeter or two long), where the fat is gently teased out of its pocket from inside the mouth. The volume of the fat pad from both cheeks usually adds up to the size of a golf ball, which when you think about it, is going to make a considerable difference to defining those cheekbones.

Buccal fat before and after

The Ultimate Age-Rewind Facial

What if we told you that instead of fillers, lasers, expensive creams and treatments, you could use your own body to rejuvenate your skin from within, on an insane level! From getting rid of pigmentation, dark circles, and wrinkles to completely refreshing your skin, there’s a new innovative procedure that’s way ahead of its time, the Mani MIST procedure. The new technique involves extracting skin cells from your own fat through a small micro-cannula (dw, it’s pretty painless and done while you’re wide awake). The cells are then separated and injected just under the skin into areas that need rejuvenation; the treatment only takes one hour and is painless, with recovery time only one to two days. The stem cells boost activity in your dermis, boosting circulation and awakening your skin, resulting in a dramatic improvement in wrinkles, age spots, pigmentation, and skin hydration, giving skin a more youthful appearance. The results can take up to six months to show, but they are long-term and natural, and come from regeneration, instead of destruction.

Check out this beautiful patient’s incredible result from my MIST™ procedure. 💄**She has no makeup on in either photo**💄She is four months out and the stem cell effect has VIRTUALLY ERASED the melasma (pigmented spots) on her cheeks and temples. Laser and other treatments would NOT have done this and may not have been safe for her skin type. It takes about an hour with only local anesthesia. The stem cells make your skin more healthy from within. Dark circles, fine lines, acne and other scars are improved dramatically. *Procedure time: one hour or less *Results are long-term to permanent *Uses only your own cells *To schedule call 310-203-0511 Dr. Marc Mani Beverly Hills, CA #MIST #drmarcmani #innovation #skincare #laser #nomorefillers #laladieslunching #beverlyhills #glow #fountainofyouth

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The Filler Alternative For Full Lips

If you’ve already mastered lip contouring, then you won’t need filler, but if you’re a fan, we may have something you’ll be interested in. The only problem with fillers is they aren’t a permanent solution, and it can be costly to continually repeat the procedure. If you’re set on having fuller lips for the long run, then this procedure that tons of celebs have had (sorry, our lips are sealed!), is probably your best bet for a permanent, more natural-looking lip enhancement. The technique is called V-Y advancement, and while it’s not new, the new method certainly is. The Mani V-Y advancement is a procedure that basically takes tissue from the inside of your lip (the wet side) and pushes it outwards. The procedure takes an hour and is done under local anesthesia. The new process uses dissolvable stitches that leave no scars, because all stitches and incisions are done inside the mouth (previously it was done from the outside with stitches in your chin). This surgery won’t be for everyone, but if you were tired of having fillers, it will give a pouty upper lip and a much fuller lower lip without the need for repeat treatments.