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The beauty world is literally overflowing with products that claim they’re going to make your skin look younger, brighter, and spot free – you name a problem, and there will be a product solution. The only real dilemma is that buying all these products can cost a BOMB! But as it turns out, there are so many free, easy, and natural ways to boost your skin that your Mom has probably been telling you to do for years. So, if it seems like you spend your entire salary at Sephora – don’t worry guys, we know the feeling – try these alternatives first! 

Get some sleep

As we said, you really need to listen to your Mom’s advice and catch some zzz’s! Remember it’s called beauty sleep for a reason. It sounds so simple and so straightforward, but the truth is too many of us have such hectic lives it means that we don’t get the seven hours not just our soul, but our skin needs too. Sleep gives your skin time to internally rehydrate so that it can recover enough moisture before it exits your body – gross we know! When you’re tired your eyes look puffy, and this is due to the poor water balance, as your body just hasn’t had the time to retain the moisture it needs. Plus, the more sleep you get, the lower the level of cortisol you have in your body, which is the stress hormone that causes the skin to flare and age prematurely. Time to hit the pillow we think – you never know, Prince Charming may wake you up!

Tip: If you’re willing to invest, try a silk pillowslip, as it’s softer on your skin, reduces premature aging, and keeps your hair frizz free and smooth. Also, don’t forget to wash your pillowslips once a week to keep your skin clean and clear.

Take a dip

There’s no secret that the key to killer skin is staying hydrated and drinking a TON of water. But if you already drink the eight glasses the Doctor ordered, and wash your face religiously, then there’s still one more thing to try. The answer is seawater. Seawater can work wonders for your skin, as it naturally absorbs toxins in your body while declogging your pores, exfoliating, and promoting healing with its rich mineral content. So either do a little DIY with two tablespoons of salt in 500ml of water and use it as a toner for your face or get down to the beach. Check out all the deets on why seawater is awesome for your skin here.

Get some sunshine

We’re constantly being told the damaging effects of sunlight especially if you live in Dubai! But, there are new studies that say we need 10 minutes of unprotected sun exposure a day – CRAZY, we know – to absorb vitamin D in its best form. Vitamin D can actually play a role in preventing premature aging and damage to the skin’s structure. The vital thing is to keep an eye on your watch. Once the ten minutes are up, slap on the sun cream because too much will do the irreversible harm to your skin that everybody warned you about.

Improve your air quality

We all know that the polluted world we live in can have a really negative impact on the health of our skin, especially if you’re living in a busy city. This means it’s crucial to try and reduce the amount of time you spend in contaminated airspace and spend some quality time with Mother Nature. Anywhere that plants surround you, the oxygen is going to be so much purer, allowing your skin time to breathe and replenish; whether you go for a hike or a picnic, the fresh air really is good for you – and your mind!

Destress and smile

We know this sounds kind of silly, but smiling can actually improve the quality of your skin! Smiling helps stimulate the capillaries in the face, which improves circulation and brings oxygen to your skin. The more you smile, the more you’ll naturally boost your serotonin levels – the feel-good hormone, reducing stress and wrinkles. So whatever makes you smile or giggle, make time for that, because everyone GENUINELY looks more beautiful when they smile. This post should help 😉