makeuptips for monolids

makeuptips for monolids

If you’re one of the millions with monolids you’ll probably have experienced the seriously frustrating lack of targeted tutorials and makeup tricks for your eye shape. Unlike most other lid types, monolids have no crease, which can lead to major eyeshadow struggles. So, we’ve worked with some of our HB HQ team with monolids and put together 10 tips catered just to you, so your morning makeup routine can be as stress and smudge-free as possible.

1. Make sure you prime your eyelid before applying makeup: Priming is essential for monolids; otherwise your eyeliner and shadow will constantly and visibly smudge. We love the Urban Decay’s Eye Primer Potion.

2. Don’t be afraid to use your fingers: Using your fingers will help push the pigmentation onto your eye while spreading it more evenly than a brush.

3. Experiment with a floating cut-crease: To get a sleek look that won’t lose definition, don’t waste time lining your upper lashline, only draw where the pigment will be visible – et voilà a floating cut crease!

4. Tightline every time: Tightlining will define your eye shape and add drama. All you need to do is line your upper waterline (on the other side of where you would normally line your lashes), which will thicken the appearance of your lashes – just make sure you use a sharp kohl liner.

5. Set your eyeliner with powder: As monolids are often oily, setting your eyeliner with a shadow will keep your liner locked in for longer. Dip your eyeliner brush into a black eyeshadow and layer it on top of your liner; it also gives a gorgeous smokey effect.

6. Be playful with your lower lashline: Sometimes an amazing cat-eye or liquid liner can get lost in the fold of your lid, so play with your lower lashline instead. Either mirror the shape of a normal winged eyeliner or draw on your lower lashes for a cute doll-eyed look.

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7. Eye gloss is THE product for monolids: One of the major advantages of a single-hooded eye is you don’t have to worry about getting any product stuck in your crease, which makes eye gloss perfect for you. We love using Mac’s Studio Eye Gloss with our fingers or a dense, flat brush.

8. Rethink your eyeshadow: Gradient your eyeshadow from your lashline upwards, with the darkest shade closest to your eyes. Instead of blending your strokes outwards, go up and out. You should also trace your lower lashline with shadow, as this will open up your eye.

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9. False lashes should be your go-to: It’s no secret we love lashes, and for monolids, you just need to know which shape to use. Opt for fluttery lashes with crisscrossed layering, which will open up the eye. Once applied, go ahead and trim the outer corner to fit your shape and always remember to curl them once they’ve been applied. We love the Huda Beauty Carmen lashes for monolid eyes.

10. Blend out your elongated cat-eye: Draw an extra-long wing and use this as your frame to fake a cut-crease, contouring your eyeshadow outwards.

Finally, go and check out @workingwithmonolids on Instagram, her account has a ton of stunning inspo and tips you need to see. Let us know if you found this helpful in the comments, and we’d love to hear any other tips you guys have for us.