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If you’re like any normal, respectable millennial, you can probably quote the entire script of Mean Girls – with the hand actions to match, of course, I mean DUH! In fact, it’s hard to go a day without one of the memorable quotes popping into our heads – especially when it comes to lunch, and we find ourselves staring at the salad bar thinking, “whatever, I’m getting cheese fries.” But behind the iconic quotes and life-altering questions, like whether butter really is a carb (it’s not, FYI) or why Gretchen’s hair is so big, there are a lot of seriously important life lessons that we can all take a moment to appreciate. Here are our top ten:

1. Never change who you are to fit in, especially when it comes to your crush – don’t ever dumb yourself down!

2. With confidence, you can pull off almost any look.

3. Pores are a problem for everyone – even Regina. (Shame she never read this though!)

4. Slut shaming or any sort of shaming is never the answer – it won’t make you feel better and will only make people think its ok when it ISN’T.

5. As Cady so poignantly said: “All you can do in life is try to solve the problem that’s in front of you.” Life seems so much harder when you think about everything all at once – take a deep breath and tackle the now, because you never know what will happen tomorrow.

6. Learn the girl code and stick to it – loyalty is royalty!

7. There’s no shame in a good routine, whether that’s skincare, beauty or just color-coding.

8. Never downplay your intelligence for anyone or anything – just remember, your limit does not exist.

9. When it’s Halloween, you can wear pretty much anything and get away with it.

10. Don’t ever bother trying to make fetch happen; it’s not going to happen!

Share some of your fav quotes with us in the comments, we could relive Mean Girls alll day!