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Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 5.44.46 PM

Just look back at pictures of yourself from ten years ago and you’ll understand how important good brows are; having none makes you practically unrecognizable. Similarly, having great eyebrows can take your look to a whole new level of slay, which is why it’s worth knowing what you should and shouldn’t be doing to keep your brows in shape. The growth rate of eyebrows is around four months, so if you overdo it, that’s how long you’ll need to live with them for! Here are five common mistakes people make that you need to avoid:

Plucking in broad daylight

Yes, seriously. Have you noticed when you’re doing a quick pluck in the morning how you’ll only ever find a couple of sparse hairs, but if you pluck midday with the light streaming in, you suddenly have the craziest brows ever? The bright daylight makes every hair visible, which means you’re more likely to get carried away and end up over-plucking. Opt for early morning or afternoon daylight, it’s safer!

Making your brows too short

brow-symmetry using the golden ratio

Whether you’re plucking your brows from their starting point or the end, it’s crucial not to go too far. You can use the Golden Ratio to make sure your brows start and finish in the right place to flatter your face shape. Line one illustrates where your brow should begin, and line three is crucial for finding where your brow should end, so angle a pencil from your outer nostril and make sure it hits the outer corner of your eye, to get the right place.

Getting your arch wrong

An arch in the wrong place can seriously disrupt your facial harmony, and it can make you look older – no thanks! Use the Golden Rule to determine where your brow should naturally arch. Line two should begin at the center of the tip of your nose and go through the center of your iris.

Not plucking above your brows

This is such a commonly debated topic, some will say to leave the top of your brows alone, but it’s only natural that random hairs will pop up here too. So avoid shaping your brows from the top, but don’t neglect those stray hairs that can easily throw your brows off balance.

Trying to create twins

Okay, okay, maybe we are guilty of this one! We all want our brows to be perfect twins, but realistically that’s not always going to be possible. Yes, you can use a brow ruler (it’s the closest you’ll get to making them twins, check it out), but at the same time, don’t stress if they’re not identical, because you’ll often end up over plucking them in an attempt to make them match. As long as they’re sisters, most people will never notice anyway; it’s only you that spends all day staring at them!

Our top tips for plucking like a pro:

Pluck after the shower: The warm water opens up the hair follicles so that hairs come out more easily.
Use a magnifying mirror: To get the tiny hairs under your brows that you always miss, a magnifying mirror is essential. BUT, it’s essential you don’t forget to look up to see both brows, or they could end up crazy uneven.
Use the right tweezers: A sharp pair means less tugging and pulling on your skin, and a pair with a slanted edge fits the brow bone most comfortably. We love Tweezerman Slanted Tweezers; they’re without a doubt the best tweezers ever!

Check out our routine for flawless brows: