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There are tons of beauty issues that we could literally talk about all day because let’s be real, an hour discussing the perfect brow technique is never wasted time! But then there are some issues that no one wants to talk about. The thing is, even though they can be embarrassing, these issues are normally really painful and way more common then you think. So, we thought we’d just get over the awkwardness and talk about it. To help, we turned to a professional skin care expert and celebrity fave, Dr. Lancer for the low down on all these annoying issues and how to treat them.

Cold sores  

Cold sores can be really embarrassing as they’re usually located around the mouth for the world to see. But, you really shouldn’t let them get you down because they affect more than 50% of the population. They’re either viral, can originate from a previously obtained infection or you’re simply genetically prone. They’re triggered by a variety of things including stress, injury, weather climate, temperature or dietary changes. The most effective method of treatment would be an oral or topical cream like Blistex. If you’re prone to getting them regularly, taking 1000mg of vitamin C a day can help prevent them from reoccurring.

Top hack: To treat your cold sore at home, try continually coating the area with a little bit of coconut oil – if you can keep the cold sore isolated, insulated and moist, it has a tendency to heal faster.

Act FAST: As soon as you feel a slight tingle, indicating that a cold sore is about to breakout, apply ice to the affected area to kill the bacteria and prevent it from spreading.

Myth busted: Although they’re the same strain of the virus, a cold sore is not the same as genital herpes (which is an STI). So, no, you can’t contract genital herpes from contact with a cold sore! They can only be obtained via the passing on of body fluid with someone who has genital herpes.


Most people want their skin to be one uniform color, however, this is actually very rare due to hyperpigmentation, which is where you have slightly darker or lighter patches of skin. It’s a result of excessive light or heat exposure, genetically caused or is hormone induced. But don’t worry, there are so many topical creams that’ll correct the uneven tone that can be prescribed by your dermatologist, or, you can make them at home, check out some of our fave DIY’s here.

Daily treatment: As sunlight is a major contributor to hyperpigmentation wearing SPF at all times is essential. Even if you’re only outside for twenty minutes a day or one day it’s cloudy AF, you must apply it each morning for protection. Although it’s not as damaging as the sun, even the blue light from TV screens and laptops can affect your pigmentation!

Natural remedy: Ginger is an amazing natural remedy that’ll tone and rebalance your skin’s pH level, reducing hyperpigmentation. Simply boil half a cup of boiling water and leave a few slices of fresh ginger to marinade in the water. Leave it to cool in the fridge overnight and strain the water into a bottle to keep as a toner.

Severe sweating

Sweating is a bodily function that no-one can completely escape from, which is good because perspiration cleanses your pores and eliminates any bodily toxins. But, some people sweat severely all over their body and it can get pretty embarrassing. It’s either programmed from birth, stress or medication-induced, hormonal or is a result of a sugar imbalance. If it suddenly starts happening to you, don’t ignore it as it could be an indication of another underlying health issue. Treatment really depends on the part of the body but there are oral medications, neuromodulators (Botox), which can help with localized sweating or even hypnosis can be used.

Quick hack: For an instant cool down throughout the day, place an ice cube in a tea towel and then place it at the nape of your neck (just below your hairline at the back of your neck). It’s a powerful pressure point, used frequently in herbal Chinese medicine to help regulate your temperature and it can even boost your mood.

Natural remedy: Apple cider vinegar (our fave ingredient, find out why here) is an amazing natural antiperspirant and when ingested daily it’ll help balance your pH levels preventing you from sweating so severely. Make a drink first thing in the morning with a tablespoon of ACV, one teaspoon of organic honey, and a cup of warm water. Stir to combine and drink after a few minutes. ACV first thing in the morning also helps to boost your metabolism.

Ingrown toenails

Ingrown toenails can cause major discomfort and are normally a result of poor grooming habits either at the salon or at home. We know it’s tempting, but don’t just go for the cheapest mani-pedi in your area  do your research first. Low-quality materials, rushed pedicures, poor workmanship, imprecise nail grooming, all lead to one thing  ingrown toenails. Or, the cause could be simply from wearing shoes that are too tight, as when the big and little toes are restricted you can distort the anatomy of the toe and the shape of the nail. Don’t ever try to cut it out yourself, this will just be painful and will further the infection.

At home help: Each night to kill the bacteria soak your feet in warm water with either Epsom salts or sea salt – it’ll help soften the nail, making it less painful until you can reach the doctor.

The NEW way to treat them: Normally, the doctor will surgically treat the ingrown toenail but, there’s a new treatment available which is used at Lancer Dermatology Clinic. This technique uses a medicated paste which painlessly melts away the ingrown toenail and lets the new nail grow flawlessly by correcting the misaligned toe plate. So, ask your doctor where this method is available in your area because it’s super quick and easy.


Blisters are usually caused by friction from uncomfortable shoes and are normally filled with fluid. However, if it has a red ring around it, it’s best to get it checked by your dermatologist as this a sign of infection.

How to prevent: If you’ve just bought some dope new shoes but that maybe don’t feel 100% comfortable, prep your skin and moisturize them 30 minutes before to lubricate them so there’s less friction to cause blisters.

Top hack: As blisters are caused by friction, if you apply roll-on deodorant to the back of your heel or sides of your feet it’ll help minimize sweating but it’ll also help prevent rubbing, lowering your chances of getting a blister.

How to treat it: You should NEVER try to pop or remove a blister yourself! The best thing to do is to apply some topical cream or essential oils, like tea tree or lemongrass oil each morning and night. Then if it persists see a dermatologist.

Let us know if you have any other body issues you need expert help with in the comments below.