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Insta Glossary: Shade


By shade, we do not mean the opposite of highlight. Shade is a term for being harsh or disrespectful about someone, or giving someone attitude. Shade can also be used to describe a particularly heated argument or event.

Example 1: When two celebs are having a Twitter war, you’d say:
“Did y’all see that shade on Twitter yesterday?”

Example 2: When your friend looks your outfit up and down and disses your new shoes.
“Girl, why you throwing shade at me?”

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Huda Beauty Jamsu foundation water hack
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The First Review Of Our Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette

We’ve been soo excited to see what everyone thinks of our palette, and I’m so happy to see you all playing with it. We’re literally dying over some of the stunning looks we’ve seen! The first review we wanted to share was by Australian babe and beauty blogger Rianne, and we’re obsessed with this shimmering look she’s created with our pure glitter, Cosmo, and our duo-chrome shade twilight on the lower lash line – it is divine! Hope you guys love this look and stay tuned for more of our FAV looks and reviews.

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