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Celebs When They Were Kids

By Huda Heidi Kattan

Although it might seem like celebrities were born perfect, they most certainly went through all of the same issues we did growing up! Some had awful uni-brows, crooked teeth, and not so gorgeous skin! Although I will admit, most of these things were really obvious when they were teens, their childhood pictures are quite adorable! Can you guess them all? Jennifer Lopez really threw me for a loop! Continue reading

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JLo’s Beauty Evolution

By Huda Heidi Kattan

Celebrities undoubtedly go through some serious beauty and style changes when they decide to step out onto the red carpet for the first time. Being under heavy scrutiny and in constant competition, celebrities have no choice but to step up their beauty game and sometimes completely transform their appearances. One of my favorite celebrities Continue reading

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Celebrity Nail Trends

By Huda Heidi Kattan

Celebrities get to try some of the newest colors in polish and minx nails, sometimes straight off the runway, so it’s no wonder they pave the way in some of the hottest trends in beauty and fashion. With colors that range from silvery steel to baby blue, half moons and pointy rounds, they’ve got pretty much every nail trend down pat (although no one does it better than Katy Perry).  On and off the red carpet these celebs are setting trends!Continue reading

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Haute or Not | Celebrities Go Extra Terrestrial

By Huda Heidi Kattan

It seems that this is the newest trend in Hollywood, whether or not everyone will jump on the bandwagon is not really the question, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw hints of this new beauty/fashion fad out in the real world. For Katy Perry’s music video “E.T.”, the songstress seems to have gone a bit GaGa and definitely upped the ante in the special affects department. It kind of reminds me of GaGa’s “Born This Way” makeup that she has been flaunting across the globe! Do you guys think it will make a splash?

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Check out the photos!Continue reading

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