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Who Wore it Better

By Huda Heidi Kattan

Like most sisters, the Kardashian’s like to share each others clothes! I know how much my sisters and I love to share clothes and sometimes buy the same clothes, sometimes it can be a little annoying when you end up wearing the same thing at the same time! Here are some pics of the K-sisters looking gorgeous wearing all the same outfits! Which one wears it best?Continue reading

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Blotched Botox

By Huda Heidi Kattan

No one wants wrinkles. Wanting a wrinkle is like wanting a pimple! It’s not particularly attractive and it can be very distracting when in the wrong area. However, we all have them, some more visible than others, but at what extreme should we go to remove these frown lines? What it cost you more than just a few dollars in the bank? What about your beauty? What if getting Botox could spoil your look and make you actually look deformed? Continue reading

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Haute or Not | GaGa Masquerade

By Huda Heidi Kattan

Celebrities are without doubt the most watched people in the world, which explains why many trends come straight from Hollywood. Every once in a while, some celebs wear outfits that are questionable.  At Vogue‘s 90th Anniversary Party in Paris, celebrities dressed up in haute couture and superhero face mask. What’s the verdict on this trend? Would you wear it?

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Click here to see more pictures of who wore the trend!

Continue reading

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Le Femme Fatale

By Huda Heidi Kattan

This recent photoshoot with Naomi Campbell just reeks seductive, then again, doesn’t everything Naomi do scream hot? Known for her goddess like body and diva persona, it all really comes alive in this shoot! Kudos to famed photographers and stylist, Mert & Marcus and Karl Templer as well as the rest of the team who put together this amazing shoot! What do you guys think? Continue reading

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Celebs Before and After II

By Huda Heidi Kattan

Sure we love them, admire them, and look to them for fashion and beauty trends, but let’s admit it, we like to see how they looked before they were famous! Here are some of our favorite celebrities before they hit the red carpet glammed-to-perfection!

I have to admit, I feel pretty terrible exposing celebrities at their worst moments, we all have them. However, I got so many request to do more, that I decided I will do more, but I am also going to look for my worst photo ever and put it up as well! Stay posted for that one! 🙂Continue reading

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