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DIY: How a Banana Can Treat Your Acne!

One of the best DIYs I’ve found for acne personally is probably already in your kitchen. Just take the peel of a ripe banana (not overripe, you want one that’s yellow with a few dark spots), and rub it on your blemish for ten minutes or so. You’ll see a big difference in your acne, especially after a few days.

Why does this work? A lot of reasons! Bananas have so many anti-inflammatories, like vitamin A, zinc, and manganese. The peels are also natural exfoliants to remove toxins and helps to prevent bacterial infections that may contribute to acne. The enzymes help to heal scars and prevent new pimples from popping up, and the starch unclogs your pore. It’s basically an anti-acne powerhouse!

Check out my video on how I do this:

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DIY Unicorn Rainbow Highlighter!

Hey my loves! I’m sure you’ve seen the rainbow “unicorn” highlighter on your feeds by now. It’s a fun highlighter made by a really talented makeup artist, but it’s SO hard to find! So I decided to do a little DIY so you can make your own at home and it looks so pretty! Check it out:

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Lashes Hack! Cotton Lash Extensions?


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Hey My Loves! Sooo, this is a SUPER awesome hack that really works to give you extensions! Personally, I wasn’t crazy about using the cotton since I have sensitive eyes, but this does work and is totally fine once you set everything in with mascara! Please share this video if you liked it:)

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3 Easy Ways to Super Light Underarms (VIDEO)!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Hey My Loves! Sooo if anyone understands the struggle with dark underarms it’s me! I have improved them sooo much with laser and also with potatoes! Yes, potatoes! I’m still working on them, but they are almost completely light now and I swear I never thought it would work for me! Here is a quick video with 3 tips that will change your beauty world forever!

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My Favorite Acne Mask—AhhhMAZING DIY!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Hey My Loves! I wanted to give you a quick video on one of my FAVORITE acne masks! This has just 3 ingredients in it and it’s so easy to do! It works so well too! Banishes acne, and tightens your skin, and the milk gently exfoliates revealing, softer more radiant skin over time! Hope you enjoy!! Xx