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The coolest way to conceal a pimple!

Hey My Loves!! I tried something fun the other day in my office when I received a visit from an unwanted guest on my face…I covered it up with rhinestones! I’ve always loved the idea of glitter, rhinestones and anything glam – so this was a really cool way to hide the area and still look cute! Gone are the days of layer upon layer of concealer to hide the unwanted guest, simply bedazzle it! Xx

Best way to cover a pimple…by bedazzling that b**** 😜 #hudabeauty

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Our Weird Hidden Talents!

Sooo this video is a little different than my usual ones! My team noticed that I have a lot of random talents, so we decided to make a video of them. We ended up having so much fun shooting this – I even pulled some of my team members and my family in on this one! Get ready for a lot of strange animal sounds, and possibly even some singing :). Check it out below and let me know what you think!

Do you have any hidden talents yourself?! Let me know in the comments.