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Tried & Tested | BEST Way to Get a Streak-Free Tan (Video)?


By Huda Heidi Kattan


As much as I looove tanning, I loathe premature aging of the skin, so I pretty much always avoid the sun all costs–so much that I have caught myself doing a strange hand visor on multiple occasions! As beautiful as it leave your skin sun-kissed, to me it’s more like a kiss of death to your skin! So, I avoid it, hand visor and all! I recently Continue reading

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Possibly the Best Brow Pencil I’ve Used to Date!


By Huda Heidi KattanBrow Pencil Huda Beauty

Okay my loves! I have officially worked myself into exhaustion! I hadn’t had a weekend off in FOREVER, and it finally caught up with me! I had a bit of a cold, and pretty much slept for the past few days and guzzled down O.J., but thankfully I am back:)

When I was doing the contest, I totally peeked into the kits and fell in LOVE with Continue reading