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Your Quick Guide to BECCA Highlighters (and the best one for you)

When it comes to highlighters, BECCA, maker of the famous Champagne Pop, has a full range to make sure your glow game is on point. But perusing them along the shelves at Sephora can be confusing if you’re a highlighter newbie. For starters, they come in three different consistencies: a liquid, pressed powder, and poured crème which have subtle but specific differences. Luckily, BECCA Style Director, Kerry Cole, was on call to answer all our highlighter q’s. Read on to get her tips on how to choose the best one for you!
becca highlighters

Can you tell us the difference between the three BECCA highlighters, and the kind of finish you can get with each?

“The liquid is a sheer, lightweight cream that has light-reflecting pearls that gives you a subtle glow. It’s great to mix with your foundation from a lit-from-within look. The pressed powder is a creamy powder for a high-shine finish. Finally, the poured crème gives you a mattified luminosity – a more sophisticated shimmer.”

Which highlighter would you recommend for different skin types?

“I find the liquid or poured crème formulas work best for dry or more mature skin since they add a little hydration to skin. Combination skin types can really wear any consistency, but I’d recommend oily skin types to stick to a powder or crème formula.  

The shades are so pretty – what are your recommendations for the different skin tones?

“For light skin, I love soft, pale tones with golden highlights, like Moonstone or Pearl. For medium skin tones, opal, golden, or soft pink are so beautiful like Opal or the Rose Gold shades. For dark skin tones, anything with golden, bronze, or coppery highlights are perfect, like Topaz.”

So to recap:

  • Liquid highlighter: Good for a subtle glow and easier to mix with foundation for a touch of brightness. Best for dry, mature, and combination skin types.
  • Pressed powder: Good for a high-shine finish. Best for normal, combination, and oily skin types.
  • Cream highlighter: Good for a mattified shimmer. Best for dry, mature, and combination skin types.

Kerry Cole’s highlighter shade recommendations for:

  • Light skin: soft, pale tones with golden highlights
  • Medium skin: opal, golden, and soft pink
  • Dark skin: golden, bronze, or coppery highlights

Which highlighter would you pick? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette Official Launch in Dubai Mall!

Hey everyone! I know so many of you have been waiting to get your hands on the palette, and believe me, I’m SO excited for you to try it too! We are officially launching TOMORROW, Friday, Oct 14th, in Sephora Dubai Mall at 10AM! The palettes are limited edition, so make sure you get there early!! Thank you so much for your love and support…I can’t wait to see all the looks you come up with using the palette! Make sure to tag me in your looks @hudabeauty and using hashtag #hudabeautyrosegoldpalette! Here’s a little behind-the-scenes from the rose gold palette photoshoot :).

A video posted by Huda Kattan (@hudabeauty) on

in Beauty Glossary

Beauty Glossary: Yaaas

Yaaas /ya·sss/

A more punctuated use of the word “yes,” commonly used to express heightened excitement of a situation.

Note: Particularly useful after matching your right eyeliner to your left, upon finding a extra bling-ey cheekbone highlighter, or general admiration of a friend’s #OOTD. Often followed by “queen” or “girl” as user gets increasingly comfortable.

ex. “That liner is on point though, Yaaas girl!”


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My Nail Polish Collaboration with Formula X!

Hey My Loves! You may have already seen my post and video announcing my new collaboration with Formula X! I’ve always loved the finish of Formula X polishes — they go on so beautifully and are really long-lasting so when they asked me to collab with them on a few colors, it was a no-brainer for me! I really hope you love these colors as much as I do. There was so much going on my mood board when I was trying to decide what I had to have in this collection, but I boiled it down to these must-have colors for the Fall!

hudabeauty-formula x shades

Jetsetter (a gunmetal black with a platinum shimmer) – I thought this color was very futuristic. It made me think of the universe, and the galaxy. It’s a twist and a notch more festive than a classic black. And of course, the name is very much reflective of my life these days!

Date Night (deep plum with red undertones) – I really love getting a burgundy color like this — it’s my go to for date night (hence the name!). I also thought it was a gorgeous, deep color perfect for fall.

Baroque Babe (a metallic rose gold) – This is my go-to color of the moment. It’s really been the color of MY YEAR, and I couldn’t do this collection without it.

hudabeauty-formula x
I really wanted to make statement-making shades that were super versatile to wear on any occasion. The shades are sophisticated and rich– the gold and silver accents were added as a play on the finer things in life, and the decadent burgundy is marked with an elegance I really wanted in this collection.

The shades are limited-edition and available for purchase in Sephora US and Canada, and on sephora.com for $12.50 each! What do you guys think about the colors?? As always, thank you so much for the support and love! Xx

Lush party
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5 Crazy Cool Products We Discovered at a Lush Party

Our office has no shortage of Lush fans, so there wasn’t much convincing that needed to be done when they put together perhaps one of the best-smelling parties we’ve ever had in the office. What we realized is pretty much every one of your favorite beauty treatments – from toners to toothpaste – can be found as a solid. Here are some of our faves:

1) Damaged Hot Oil Treatment
lush - damaged
Ever tried hot chocolate on a stick? You know, where you melt the chocolate by stirring it in a cup of hot milk? This inspired the cutest hot oil hair treatment from Lush. Their vegan Damaged treatment is a solid block of nourishing virgin olive oil, almond oil, and avocado oil (all superstars for shiny, strong hair) on a stick that you melt by stirring in a cup of hot water. After it cools, apply and leave on dry hair for 20 minutes then shampoo out (might take more than one go to get all the oil out). The result is hydrated locks with a beautiful vanilla scent we can’t get enough of. Tip we learned: If you find you don’t need the whole mixture for one use, cover it and keep it in the fridge until you’re ready to melt it down again for another use.

2) Honey I Washed My Hair Shampoo Bar
lush - solid shampoo

We get it if a solid shampoo seems scary…it’s unchartered territory for most. But trust us, this is not to be underestimated. The self-preserving bar packs a punch of at least 80 washes which is the equivalent of three bottles of shampoo – all in a tiny little bar. Just wet the bar and rub between hands to lather, and add to damp hair. It will sud up beautifully and clean your hair thoroughly. The honey will leave hair ridiculously soft. Extra points for easing your travel woes. No more throwing out oversized bottles of liquid at security.

3) Tea Tree and Dream Steam Toner Tabs
lush - toner tabs

For a legit blackhead buster, try one of these toner tabs. Just drop it in bowl of hot water like an alka seltzer and it will fizz up, dissipating in the steam. Hang over it with a towel over your head for a skin clearing (thank you, tea tree oil) and calming (lavender) blend of toning goodness. It’s like bringing the spa home. A cool tip we learned: put the water in a plastic spray bottle after use to store in the fridge for up to two days. You can use it to spritz on your face for a little pick-me-up.

4) Full of Grace Serum Bar
lush - grace serum

A power moisturizer full of vitamins and skin calming chamomile blue oil and calamine powder, this little bar (that can be easily mistaken for soap) is actually a serum that feels like butter on the skin. Gently glide it over your face for a soft layer of serum that you can massage into skin. With ingredients like almond oil, murumuru and cupuaco butter, it’s amazing for dry skin, especially during the colder months.

5) Miles of Smiles Toothy Tabs
lush-toothy tabs

Yup, even your toothpaste can come in a tablet. A cool, different take on cleaning your teeth, just bite into one of these to crumble them in your mouth (don’t eat it!) and promptly start brushing the mix of baking soda and mint oils to freshen breath and clean your pearly whites so they stay that way. You’ll be amazed at how much it foams up with just a little water! Fair warning, this doesn’t taste amazing, unless you’re into that baking soda taste. But we did find it does a heavy duty job on cleaning teeth. Plus, it’s always nice to definitively see when you’re down to your last tablet, rather than squeezing a toothpaste tube for dear life and hoping for one more drop.

What are some of your favorite Lush products?

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Lipstick Mood Tag with French YouTuber @Sananas! (Video)

Hello my loves! You all might have seen on my Snapchat when we had some of my FAVORITE French beauty YouTubers and bloggers here in Dubai recently! One of them was the gorgeous @Sananas who posted this fun Lipstick Mood Tag video we did in our studio! She interviewed me about which Liquid Matte I would wear to match my different moods (and trust me, I have one for pretty much every mood). She introduces the video in French but the interview itself is in English — take a look and let me know what you think!!

Also check out some of the other videos from our beautiful French visitors! (These are entirely in French!)

Huda Beauty Lip Contour Swatches by Sananas: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TsxJ68P91YU

Huda Beauty products by Horia: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6J_R07swOc

Huda Beauty French Launch Vlog by @emmymakeuppro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2hxThNh4W2c

lancome juicy shakers banner
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These Mini Glosses Are The Perfect Cocktail for Your Lips

The Lancôme Juicy Shakers are the cutest mini cocktail shakers you’ll ever see – only it’s a mix of oil and pigments for your lips and won’t get you tipsy (double win!). With a blend of apricot, almond, and peach, it really is a cocktail of essential oils, and as close to natural and light as you get for a lip tint.
lancome juicy shakers
What it is: A tinted lip oil in a bottle shaped like a mini cocktail shaker that gives you just a shot of color (sorry, we couldn’t help the pun).

What it does: A mix of color and oil (a “bi-phase oil”) that you shake like a little cocktail (naturally) before unscrewing the cap to use the cushioney brush to apply.

What we liked: Besides the fact that it’s the most fun we have putting on a lip product, the applicator is as soft as a baby chick. The oils give a slightly moisturizing shine that dissipates eventually, leaving a light, natural looking tint behind. The color is light but buildable, and we loved that it’s a non-goopy gloss (say that three times fast). Plus the flavors! Each of the 18 shade has its own unique cocktail-inspired taste. Mojitos anyone?

What we didn’t like: While moisturizing, it’s only lightly so, so no heavy duty hydration here. You’ll have to reapply if you want to keep the shine going, but the applicator feels so good on your lips, you might not even mind.

Price: $21

Availability: lancome-usa.com

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My Trip to London Fashion Week with Burberry! (Video)

Hey My Loves!! So as you guys know I was in London recently to attend the Burberry Fashion Show and this was probably the most memorable experience I’ve ever had!! I think Burberry is GENIUS when it comes to creating new trends and simply breaking barriers in the beauty and fashion industry. Needless to say, I was super excited when they invited me to London to see the show and go backstage to learn their tips and tricks to achieving the flawless makeup looks! The big game changer for me was that both the entire men’s and women’s runway collection, including the makeup looks, were available for purchase immediately after the show in all stores and on Burberry.com. I hope you guys enjoy watching my experience with Burberry, and make sure to check out the below links for their beauty and fashion collection! Xx

Thank you so much Burberry for giving me the opportunity to experience this!

Shop the collection: https://ae.burberry.com
The Runway Edit: https://ae.burberry.com/make-up-runway-look
Liquid Lip Velvet: https://ae.burberry.com/make-up-lips


What’s On Huda’s Desk This Week

Hey my loves! Today’s a little travel edition — these are the products that didn’t leave my side on a recent trip to LA! Point your mouse over each product to learn why I love them!


1. Guerlain Orchidée Impériale The Longevity Concentrate – One of my favorite concentrates to make skin look really radiant. It’s that secret product you use before a big event. It just makes your skin glow, and gives you this intense hydration that doesn’t break you out. I’ve been using it for several years now. Even my husband uses it!

6. SkinCeuticals Body Texturizing Treatment – This is one of those products people don’t really think about using, but it’s incredible. It’s one of my favorite body products. I have very dry skin, and when people have dry skin like me, it’s not so soft to touch. This helps keep skin smooth and soft by helping it exfoliate naturally. When I get out of the bath, I apply a little bit of oil then this on top. My skin feels much more touchable and evenly pigmented. I use it all over—my legs, arms, and a little on my décolleté.

5. Cinema Secrets Makeup Brush Cleanser – I love Cinema Secrets Makeup Brush Cleaner because it dries so quickly. It’s really great to use between clients and models, or when I’m on a shoot, between, even YouTube videos. I feel like it cleans my brushes for a basic clean. For a more intense clean of course, I’d use a proper brush cleaner. But on days I’m shooting and have models here, I make sure I have this handy. It has enough alcohol to get rid of the bacteria.

2. Collyre Bleu Eye Drops – This helps to make the whites of your eyes whiter. Like super white– it almost gives it a blue tint that makes them look really healthy. One of my colleagues brought this back for me in Paris. It used to only be available in France but now it’s available in the U.S. too – I even spotted it in LA. If you wear contacts or on a photo shoot, and your eyes are tired or even have this yellow-tinge to them, this helps make them super bright.

4. Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil – I wasn’t blessed with good skin at all, but I know how to take care of it. I’m just obsessed with Sunday Riley’s Luna. It’s my Holy Grail product…my favorite of all time! It gets rid of visible pores, and has a little bit of retinol so it improves the texture of skin. I use it only before bed – you can’t use it during the day because it has retinol in it so sun exposure could irritate your skin if you wear it during the day time.

3. Oribe Surfcomber Tousled Texture Mousse – The Surfcomber is so amazing because when you apply it to your roots, it gives you this stickiness that I can’t say is necessarily the nicest feeling…but the body it give your hair is insane! I know this sounds weird, but I think I have a particularly small head so it gives my hair a lot of volume which I need! I ONLY apply it on my roots. If you want, you can apply it all over, but keep in mind it’s a texturizer so your hair might feel a little sticky all over if you do.

my journey
in huda beauty

My Journey: How I Got Started! (Video)

Hey My Loves!! I wanted to share a little bit more about my journey. There are so many things that people don’t realize about how I got started in the beauty business, and I thought this was a good intro to that. I know you all have been requesting to hear more about this, so here it is! It all all started six years ago with my blog, but I started in a completely different field. I hope you guys see it’s never too late to start working in something you’re passionate about! Thank you so much for all your love and support. Without you, all this would never be possible. I love you guys so much and I really hope that this video will help inspire you to start something of your own. Xx