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Makeup with Leading Russian Makeup Artist, Goar Avetisyan!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Hi my loves!!! I was so excited when makeup artist Goar Avetisyan came to visit us in Dubai! She is one of the best makeup artists in Russia, and is so young! Seriously, how many 22-year-old makeup artists know this much about makeup?? I loved this bold look she gave me. Check out the video below and make sure you follow her @goar_avetisyan to see more of her looks!!!

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Ladies: Here’s How You Should Be Shaving Your Face!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Yes, you read that right! Shaving your face is actually great for your skin! It’s one of the beauty secrets of icons like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor. It helps with exfoliating, scarring, anti-aging, and best of all, your makeup will go on so much more smoothly! I’ve been shaving my face for years, but there’s definitely the right way to do it (and no, it does not include shaving cream, and don’t even think of picking up a men’s razor!). For my how-to with all my tips on how to shave your face, check out the video below!

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My Sophia Loren Inspired Look by Lisa Eldridge!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Hey my loves!! I’ve been following makeup artist Lisa Eldridge for years, and I was so honored to be in her makeup chair on a trip to London! I thought I’d share it here again in case you missed it, since it’s such a classic look. Lisa did a beautiful Sophia Loren-inspired look which I’m OBSESSED with (especially because I loveeee the looks from the 60s!). She’s so great about explaining each and every step…check out the video and let me know if you try it yourself!

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Flashback to My Master Class!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Hi Darlings! Have you guys attended any of my Master Classes?! Here’s a flashback to my second class in Dubai last year. I met some of the most incredible women from my classes! We have goody bags valuing over $2,000 that people went crazy for!! I love a good goody bag…I make sure they have some of my favorite products for students to take home. This year, we took the class to Doha which was amazing! Where should we go next?!

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How to Master The Selfie – T-Rex hands and more!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Hey My Loves! Learning how to do the perfect selfie is almost a necessity now in this day and age of social media. Let’s be honest…we’re a selfie generation! I already gave you 10 of my best tips on how to get the perfect selfie, but I always get asked how to pose so I made another video with more tips on what to do with your face and hands (that’s how I came up with T-Rex pose! It works!). Watch the video to see exactly what I’m talking about :).

I want to see your T-Rex hands! Tag me in your selfies (@hudabeauty)!

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My Instant Face Lift with Brian Champagne!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Hey My Loves! I was SO excited to have the chance to sit down with the legend, Brian Champagne, three-time world champion facialist – the only one in the world! He stopped by the Huda Beauty office to give me a customized facial. He knows so much about skin (like not going overboard with the exfoliating – guilty!). I learned so much from him!! Watch below to learn some of his other beauty tips and to see the results of my facial with him!

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My London GRWM! Plus MAJOR Announcement!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Hey my loves!!! I have some big news!! Huda Beauty is OFFICIALLY launching at Harrod’s this month! AHHH!! London is one of my favorite cities, so I thought I’d post a throwback of my Get Ready With Me video when I was there a few months ago for work. We were staying at The Wellesley, which made such a gorgeous place to shoot a quick video of how I got ready for my day!!

Do you want to see more GRWM videos? Let me know!!!

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Should You Buy These Weird Brushes?


By Huda Heidi Kattan


Hey My Loves! These makeup brushes from Artis Brush are definitely some of the more unique looking ones and cost a pretty penny, but do they work? I worked half my face with the Artis brushes and the other half with normal ones, so you could see the difference. Check out the video to see my full review and thoughts on the collection!

Have any of you tried them too? What did you think??

Products I used:
Artis Brush Elite Smoke 5 Brush Set: http://bit.ly/1T4v2nO

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Our Liquid Matte Lipsticks Now Available Worldwide!!!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

National Lipstick Day

Happy National Lipstick Day my Lovesssss!!! I’m SO excited because today is also the official worldwide launch of our new Liquid Matte lipsticks!!!! You can purchase them now at shophudabeauty.com! I can’t wait for you to try them…I’m seriously obsessed!! Don’t forget to tag me in all your beautiful lipstick pics today (@hudabeauty)!

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7 Ways to Celebrate #NationalLipstickDay on July 29th!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Soo, question: Do you feel the same when you wear a nude lipstick as you do when you wear a red lipstick?


I’m going to guess your answer is no, but that’s the beauty of lipstick! It’s an instant mood-changer. It’s the easiest thing you can do to lift your spirits, change your outlook, and fuel your motivation. How amazing is that? I thought it deserved a day of its own, and that’s how National Lipstick Day came to be! Tomorrow (July 29th) is officially National Lipstick Day, so here are 7 different way ways to celebrate!:

1) Post a selfie on Instagram wearing your “power lip”. Is there a lip color that makes you feel confident and powerful? Take a pic in it and Tag #NationalLipstickDay and #HudaBeauty – I want to see your looks!

A video posted by Huda Kattan (@hudabeauty) on

2) Step out of your comfort zone and try a new shade. The fun in makeup is experimenting, so use the day as an excuse to try a new color you’ve never tried before.

huda beauty liquid matte swatches

3) Buy a lipstick for your best friend (or mother or sibling). You may already know the power of a lippie, so pay it forward! Buy your favorite lipstick for a friend or family member.

4) Share your favorite lipstick memory. Trendsetter reminds me of when I first met my husband. That’s the color I was wearing back then, and it was the shade I had in mind when I re-created it for our Lip Contour!


5) What’s your favorite lipstick trick or tip? Share it on Twitter or IG and tag me @hudabeauty!

6) Create a new color! Discover a whole new color by mixing two of your favorite lipstick shades to create a brand new color.

7) Try a new technique. Ever try contouring your lips using a lighter and darker shade? Dabbled in ombre lips? #NationalLipstickDay is the perfect excuse to try.


Remember to tag #NationalLipstickDay and @hudabeauty in your posts so I can see how you’re celebrating. Can’t wait to see your looks!