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Don’t Forget!! Contest Here!

Quick Reminder!! There’s only a few days left to participate in the contest!!!

As I said before, this contest is for my favorite brush in the world, the MAC 187 stipple brush, which is amazing for applying powder, foundation, blending, etc and always gives the illusion of not wearing too much makeup.

The contest: This contest is simple, Continue reading

in Makeup

Real-Life Lichtenstein

If you love art and makeup as much as I do, then nothing could be more pleasing than seeing some of your favorite artwork come to life. MAC makeup artist here bring Lichtenstein’s “Crying Girl” to life–beyond cool.

photos courtesy of illusion.scene.360
in beauty

The Skinny on Botox

By Huda Heidi Kattan

If you haven’t tried it already, you may have considered that one day you may want to do some type of cosmetic procedure, Botox not excluded, to turn back the hands of time.  But with all the hype in Hollywood about this “miracle” syringe, is it all worth it?  Botox, is after all a poison.Continue reading