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Hey guys!!

First of all I want to say, I love you all!! Thank you guys so much for all of your sweet comments, emails, etc. They mean so much to me, I cannot even begin to explain:)

GREAT NEWS!! I have set up a FormSpring account! Which is AWESOME! 🙂

Basically, you can ask me anything you like, and it goes directly to my phone and I will try to answer as quickly as possible:) Whenever, they are good questions with beauty, I will post them on my Twitter and Facebook accounts.  This will be  a great way for me to interact with all of you and get your input for tutorials, topics, etc:)

Here is an example of a question I just got!

Best teeth whitener? Over the counter at do-it-yourself?

I have tried it all! From Zoom at the dentist office, to Hydrogen Peroxide rinses, and OTC products like whitening strips. My favorite by far is the Crest Whitening strips! They are super gentle and you can control how white you want your teeth!

If I feel my teeth need some whitening, I just use a few for a few days and I’m done! 🙂

Ask me anything about Beauty!

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Katy Perry Wiggin’ It

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I love this photoshoot for Katy Perry and the Guardian UK! She can literally pull of any color wig! My favorite is the green! Which one do you like? Colorful wigs have been used quite a bit by celebs recently, do you guys think this is a new trend? Continue reading

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Fake the Glow!

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With a busy schedule it’s hard to make sure your legs get the right amount of sun to maintain a perfect glow.  Luckily for us, cosmetic hosiery is back with a vengeance!Continue reading


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