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Sweet..Sweet Agyness

By Huda Heidi Kattan

If you haven’t heard the name, you’ve probably seen the face, Agyness Deyn is hailed as one of the biggest new supermodels.  The 27-year old model has worked for the largest names in the industry including Chanel, Dior, Marc Jacobs, Versace, Gaultier, Vivienne Westwood, Anna Sui, Giorgio Armani and the list goes on and on.  A regular on the cover of Vogue, Deyn is also known for singing, acting and her free-spirited personality. The beautiful Brit has come far from selling Fish and Chips to walking the runway with some of the most sought after faces in the industry. Long live the Deyn!

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Not so Photo-Friendly

They have the fame, the fortune, washboard abs and chizzled jaws. Yes we know, celebrities are perfect, or at least they appear that way. On the other hand, anyone who has played around with Photoshop knows how easy it is to transform someones look from human to someone who looks like they could have been made out of plastic.

Here are a few photos of celebs before and after Photoshop. I guess they are human after all!

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Amazing Product Alert!

Need a mani in no time? This YSL French Manicure set is your answer!

On a layover in London, I bought this kit hoping it would do my nails some justice, and boy did it! This kit gives you a perfect manicure in minutes and is incredibly easy to use! The white pen gives you accurate french mani lines and the cream color must be used a bit generously, but tops everything off for a salon finish. The fact that this product meets airport rules and regulations and is therefore, airplane friendly, makes it all the more appealing! I always keep this in my kit and I take it on shoots with me! Thank you YSL! This product is GENIUS!!

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Hottie of the Hour: Scarlett Johansson

Yes, she’s got perfect cheekbones, beautiful lips, and a perfect bod, but she’s also got a heart of gold. Scarlett Johansson may very well be the perfect 10.

In response to the most recent circumstances in Haiti, Johansson has decided to auction herself off for charity. The lucky winner and three of their guests will have the opportunity to meet the bombshell blond and attend her Broadway performance ‘A View With a Bridge’. The proceeds will go to the Oxfam’s Haiti Earthquake Response Fund. We couldn’t love you any more Scar!

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Serena Williams, Part Time Nail Tech?

Serena Williams is known for a lot of things, her killer game on the tennis court, her bodacious booty and now she has something else to add to her resume–a certified nail tech. The tennis pro took to her blog stating, “No one likes getting their nails done more than I do . . . I go every four days to get a manicure and every seven days for a pedicure. So, I had a brilliant idea to get certified to be a nail tech.” Williams, who holds 12 grand slam singles titles, enrolled in Palm Beach Nail School. The tennis super star added, “Don’t be surprised if you hear about a part-time job I’ve picked up at a local nail salon.” Manis by Serena? Sounds like an interesting reality TV show! We’re game!

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Concealer Problems Solved!

Do any of you have those products that you absolutely cannot live without? I do, and this is it! Having had little experience with Too Faced, I was apprehensive to try this, but now, I cannot go anywhere without this! It’s super-light formula amazingly diminishes the appearance of fine lines and combats dark circles. The best part? The natural herbal extracts give this concealer all-day staying power while aiding in the reduction of aging. Can we say Too Facelicous!

Available at Sephoras worldwide (recommended in Hollywood Tan, $19.50).

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Blemish Buffing Beads

By Huda Heidi Kattan

Yes, we all want perfectly smooth, even-toned, blemish free shoulders, back, and yes bums.  But how likely is it to find a product that actually delivers enough power to fight and prevent acne? Peter Thomas Roth (PTR) gets it!  Sound  too good to be true?  In a search for the impossible, in one of my routine Sephora-shopping-sprees, I came across this miracle product.

How it works? This powerful scrub contains acne fighting glycolic acid, salicylic acid and Sepicontrol.  This powerful mix help fight future breakouts while keeping sebum (our glands that secrete oil) regulated.  The glycolic acid also works hand-in-hand with teh Jojoba beads to help stimulate cell turnover and reveal sexier more smooth skin.  I’ve been using this product for almost 3 years now and it keeps my entire body smooth! I simply cannot live without this product!

Available at Sephora online or Sister’s salon Dubai Mall.


The At Home Brazilian Butt Lift

With bootylicious now in Webster’s dictionary, there is more reason than ever to be envious of Jennifer Lopez or Kim Kardashian’s signature assets. Here is a quick way that is sure to give height to your derriere.

This might sound a bit weird and possibly far-fetched, but I have been doing this for years, and let me tell you, this works like a charm! My friends who’ve tried it (literally every single one) told me they saw results they loved and continue doing this simple at home exercise!

Classic kick backs:

While on your hands and knees, place one leg in the air with your knees bent 90 degrees. Thrust the leg upward with your foot parallel to the ceiling and contract your glut, then lower your leg back down. Repeat for 50 counts on the right leg, then 50 counts on the left leg. I do this every night before I sleep, it literally takes 5 minutes. Try it!



Say Cheese! Tips for a Brighter Smile!

Anyone have this issue? Their teeth have lost their luster and are looking a tad on the yellow side? After moving overseas, I started to appreciate American dental practices. Okay, appreciate is the wrong word, I became obsessed with having a brighter smile. Let’s face it, it’s inevitable that our teeth will naturally stain as we age due to food, drinks and lifestyle choices. Nevertheless, it is possible to acquire and maintain a bright smile–these are some common practices that have worked for me.

Teeth Whitening

I have tried several methods including Zoom whitening at the dentist, whitening kits, whitening toothpastes and mouthwash. I have found the most effective for me was actually the kits. I like the Crest Whitening Strips. Not only are they affordable and effective, but if used properly, they were the most gentle. Zoom caused so much pain for me at times my teeth became sensitive to air! Not fun! Furthermore, you can control how bright you want to go with the kit. I noticed a difference after three days with Crest Whitening Strips and I could barely tell the difference in the before-and-after photos with the Zoom whitening.

Only downfall of the strips: They don’t cover you entire mouth (only your dentist will notice) and they can be a bit time consuming.

If you’re a bit old fashioned and prefer the baking-soda-with-your-toothpaste-routine, then here are some foods that also add light to your smile:

  • Celery
  • Apples
  • Pears
  • Carrots

Remember to rinse your mouth with water after eating dark foods and beverages! This will tremendously help reduce stains and easy to do!

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