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Insta Glossary: Baking

bakingBaking /bay·king/

A technique with origins in the drag community to set your makeup for a poreless, flawless finish. It requires applying a thick coat of translucent powder over your foundation areas you want to look brighter as a final step, and letting it sit for five to ten minutes. Afterwards, dust it off using a clean, fluffy brush. Helps to add extra highlight on the areas you want to emphasize.

Common areas to “bake” are underneath the eyes, along your jawline, on the center of your forehead, and down the center of your nose. This technique to soak up any excess oils from your foundation and concealer to smooth out the skin.

Also referred to as “cooking” your face.

Other definitions:

Click on the video for a comprehensive baking tutorial:

Tools required for a proper baking session:

1) Translucent powder (Huda’s pick: Givenchy Mat & Translucent-finish Loose Powder, Ben-Nye Luxury Powder)
2) A Beautyblender sponge
3) A dome, fluffy brush (Huda’s pick: Sigma Beauty’s F15 Duo Fibre Powder/Blush Brush)

Tip: Use a wet BeautyBlender to apply the powder to your face (Huda’s preferred method). For heavier coverage, use a powder puff.


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