By Huda Heidi Kattan

Have you ever seen a mani that was so beautiful, you literally could not stop staring?! Well if have ever seen a mani from the award winning Nail Moda, chances are, you couldn’t take your eyes off those knockout nails! You MUST visit this place! I went with BFFs, theย Fashion Gossip 10 girls, and we had an amazing time!

I literally had, undoubtedly the best mani/pedi I have ever had in my entire life! Thanks to the wonderful staff at Nail Moda, who greeted us and took extra-special care of us! The owner, Yulia, is practically a supermodel! She is drop dead gorgeous and her nails are perfection! She is very passionate about beautiful nails and nailcare–to me that’s all I need from a spa! ย Nail Moda has so many exciting things coming up! I can’t wait to share them with all of you:)

Yulia was kind enough to share with me her tips for the perfect mani!! Thanks doll!! Xx

Yulia’s Tips For Perfect Nails:

  1. Always use cuticle oil to ensure cuticles are healthy and clean
  2. Using Nail Tek (available at Nail Moda) is a great nail strengthener that allows nails to grow long and beautiful and keeps them from chipping. It also helps promote the life of your mani! Mine lasted 6 days without any chipping at all!
  3. Remember to apply lotion/creme to hands and feet. This will keep your nails and nail beds looking beautiful
  4. If you are looking for a healthy alternative for nail extensions, Yulia recommends using Biogel, which is a favorite of Jennifer Lopez and Victoria Beckham
  5. Visit a spa regularly (every 7-10 days) for mani/pedis that will help keep nails and nail beds stay clean and shapely

With gorgeous and super sweet Yulia!

So many colors to choose from!

We couldn’t decide what colors to use!

I love their cute little outfits and check out the drink menu! Enjoy mocktails while getting pampered!

Discussing beauty and fashion trends, of course! Enjoying the vibrating massage chairs!

I got my nails did! I went for the trendy rounded-red! Nudes are the colors of the season, but red is classic!

Cheesey smile, I know!

Love the manis! Love Anouds Cavalli ring! HAUTE!

Feeling Fresh!