By Huda Heidi Kattan

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I know I might be the biggest false lash enthusiast, BUT I always get asked if fake lashes make your lashes worse if you use them! The truth is now I wear false lashes more than I ever have before, and even though I’ve never had super long lashes, but there are three things that I am obsessed with right now that have completely changed my lashes!

I wrote about Revitalash a while back, and honestly in the Before pick above, I had already started using it! Soooo, my lashes look better than they normally would , but now they’ve grown and become so much thicker! I’m pretty obsessed with this trio!

The Silica is great for creating loooong lashes, the Revitalash is one of my FAVORITE lash serums ever, and the Dior Primer creates long lashes while you wear mascara, but also helps encourage lash growth–pretty amazed!

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