By Huda Heidi Kattan

I hate it when I break a nail! The worst part about is not the fact that one nail looks like it belongs to another family, but that it hurts! Especially when it hits too close to the nail bed! The other day while I was flying, one of the stewardist on the plane asked me to lock the cabin door for the bathroom. We were about to land, and I was the last one to use the restroom. I tried to lock the bin and as I did, my nail popped! Oh the pain! I looked down and my nail had broke in the nail bed! Yuk! I hate germs, so the plane pretty much made me feel grossed out with a cut! I am dying to get a mani, but I want this nail to grow out and stop looking like it’s deformed! So while I am waiting, I have been taking Omega 3 vitamins! I know they help my hair, so I thought I would try it for my nails! WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!! After a couple of days, I noticed my nails were growing so fast! I think I might be able to get a mani in a few days!! If you want your nails and hair to grow like lightening, try taking Omega 3 vitamins and enjoy the difference! LOVE IT! 🙂