By Huda Heidi Kattan

I love simple things–Ikea, iTunes, Rubix Cube (yeah right), anything that makes my skin glow and is easy to understand is awesome in my book! Sooooo, I loved this detox facial that Miranda Kerr swears by! First of all, have you seen her skin? It has this insane glow to it that I’m pretty sure you can see from outer space! Personally, she’s not my type of beauty, but her skin is pure gorgeousness! I was really surprised to read that one of the things she is obsessed with (as well as Coconut Oil for weight loss) is cucumbers for perfect skin! She simply applies sliced cucumbers all over her face and lets it sit for 10 minutes before removing. You can splash with water when done and hydrate as usual, but this is a great way to help absorb out any impurities and bring the natural glow of your skin out! #AMAZEballs!

This Detox is great for Quick Pick-Me-Up, Revitalization, Adding Glow, Detox