By Huda Heidi Kattan

Fake healthy shiny nails

I know we all have our own beauty tricks, but some of them are really much more awesome than others! It’s so insane to see all my recipes that I’ve had through the years, and some of them work sooooo well! I wanted to give you guys some of my favorites that are really kind of underrated! Here are three tips eeeevery girl should try!


Skin Problems Solved!

Yogurt may be a great mid-meal snack, but ever think about putting it on your face? Yogurt is great for cleansing, clarify pores, fighting acne, and moisturizing the skin. The ingredients in yogurt, Click Here for More!


The Secret to Super Hair Growth

After giving birth and realizing that my hair just did NOT want to stay on my head any more, I have been desperate to find ways to help it grow back as soon as possible Click Here for More!


How to Smell Your Best!!

Ever have those situations when someone walks by and you wonder, how the heck do they smell soooo good? I personally love it when someone tells me I smell unbelievably good Click Here for More!