By Huda Heidi Kattan

I honestly don’t think there is ANYONE on earth as obsessed with lashes like me! I’ve been wearing them since I was 16, which in today’s world means I was wearing them since I was 5! Of course being surrounded with people with amazing lashes is part to blame, but then again there’s no such thing as a “beauty dilemma” (or at least I’d like to think so). I’ve honestly mastered some pretty decent lashes for a girl with literally no lashes growing up! I have to say, I definitely kicked the no-lash-my-eyes-are-bald problem in the butt (with my false lashes but also) with these killer lash moves!

5 Ways To Super Gorgeous Lashes!

  1.  Castor Oil: Yes it’s a miracle of many kinds, but it’s one that actually works! We’ve all heard using Castor Oil will give you gorgeous lashes, but the truth is you need patience! It takes a good month to see results, but give this baby time to works it’s magic and it won’t disappoint!
  2. Lash Primers: Believe it or not, these do WAY more than just pump up your lashes! They are packed with vitamins that not only nourish your lashes, but promote more lash growth and less fall out! I’ve seen a HUGE difference from using them! My favorite is the Dior Show Primer, I honestly cannot live without it!
  3. Vaseline: Vaseline is honestly one of my favorite beauty secrets ever! But applying a bit of Vaseline on days where you want to go sans makeup, is a great option! Not only does it make your lashes look fuller, but it also helps provide moisture to your lashes, meaning healthier, more beautiful lashes!
  4. Vitamins: Vitamins are soooo important! Sometimes we don’t realize how they affect us until we STOP taking them! When I take vitamins, I notice such a huge difference in my hair, nails, skin and you guessed it–LASHES! My ultimate vitamins are Omega 3-6-9, Biotin, and Multi Vitamins! I can’t express enough how much my lashes improve from taking these!
  5. Lash Enhancers: These definitely work! I have no idea how, or why, but they do! I’ve tried literally tons of them, but what I’ve found is most of them turn the skin around your eyes reddish brown. While they do work, it’s really a guessing game to see which ones will change the skin on your face and which ones won’t!