By Huda Heidi Kattan


Hey My Loves!! TODAY is our 5 year anniversary! It’s crazy to think 5 years ago I launched!

When I first started I got so much criticism, but I am very happy I stuck with it! Sooooo when my sisters and I decided to make our Instagram more of a sharing and promoting page, we felt really happy to see everyone growing and also having fun with beauty! So we have been wanting to give you guys a platform to share your blog posts with each other! We are working on something VERY exciting soon, but basically you will be able to soon post on and get links to your site! We are super excited about it! It’s not set up properly yet, but for now we will be featuring some bloggers until it starts properly.

You can submit your blogposts to

1. You must include high quality photos that belong to you
2. Your link to your site
3. Full review or summary of what you are trying to cover as a topic
4. The better the quality review, DIY, or beauty topic, & images, the more likely your post will be posted!

Thank you all sooo much for your support through the years, excited to fully share with you guys! <3<3<3