By Huda Heidi Kattan


We all know there are some easy ways to look hot, instantly, but sometimes we ignore them! My sisters and I were talking today, and we thought it would be really fun to kind of put together 8 things that instantly make you look hotter! It’s pretty funny, but as glamorous as I look in some of my photos, I tend to be pretty casual many days! So of course, knowing these instant ways to hottness is super important! Here are 8 VERY easy things to do that instantly make you look and feel more gorgeous!


#1 Contour:


Honestly, you don’t need full makeup, but contouring is a MUST, always! I sometimes even wear this to the gym! It makes you look thinner, more attractive, and more feminine as well! I always use Guerlain 4 Seasons Bronzer and apply it in the right areas! It’s super easy to do, just suck in your cheeks, apply some bronzer in the hallows to your cheeks and along your forehead and jawline! Voila, instant hottness!!


#2 Lashes:


My MUST! I cannot say enough about the effects of lashes, they immediately add beauty to your face that makes you look girly and soft! My favorite lashes are from our Huda Beauty collection in Giselle, Alyssa and Monique! Sometimes I wear these all together!


#3 Red Lips:


Red lips are hot, plain and simple. They add glamor and draw attention to your lips in a way that nude lips can really never do! Men find red lips attractive because they imply flushed lips, which is always attractive! It’s very easy to do, but wearing red lips is a great way to make yourself look instantly more beautiful! Sometimes before my hubby comes home, I grab Chanel Rouge Allure in Pirate, and just dab it onto my lips so it looks slightly redder and he always comments on it!


#4 Dewy Cheeks:


Dewy skin is ALWAYS on trend, and it looks so beautiful! It also softens your face, and it just makes you look hot! It’s really easy to do and totally necessary, but most people tend to skip this step! I personally love using Benefit’s That Gal, it’s soooo beautiful and pearly and pink!


#5 Spray-Tan


Coco Chanel made it popular in the 20’s and since then eeeeeeveryone wants to look tanned! It just makes you look healthy, thinner, and just over all, hotter! I use to always sun bathe when I was in my teens, and now I swear I never will again! BUT I love instant bronzers, I just reviewed the Victoria’s Secret Instant Bronzer and it was soooo beautiful! It just takes one spray and some blending, and you are done!


#6 Smudged Liner:


We all need a little attention to our eyes, and what better way to do that than to add some smudged liner! Simply line your bottom waterline right on your lashes, then using your ring finger, smudge the line. You can also add this to the outer corner and smudge outward for a cat-eye effect! I love using blendable liners like Urban Decay’s 24/7 liner, which is really dark and super smudgeable
(until it set)!


#7 Flushed Cheeks


People REALLY underestimate the importance of blush, but it is SOOOOO beautifying! It’s one of the easiest ways to add a healthy look to your appearance and makes you look alluring! I like to use blushers that bring out your natural tones, so colors like Mauve Diamond from Dolce & Gabbana flatter everyone, while looking really natural!


#8 Smile!


Nothing, let me repeat, NOTHING is more attractive than a warm smile! It makes you feel good instantly, it is very attractive and draws you into someone! To me, this is the epitome of beauty, so no matter how much we do try to make ourselves look better, we need to remember that sometimes, just being happy, positive, and smiling is the best way to look hot! 🙂