Yaay! My first Tutorial!

Please excuse the fact that it was 2AM in Dubai and I had no makeup on! 🙂 enjoy!


Step by step instructions:
1.Start by covering the area with foundation, I used Studio Fix Fluid Foundation from MAC in NC43
2. From the area above your cheekbones apply a significantly lighter foundation or concealer, like MAC Mouisturecover (NW20), make sure this is warm even if you are olive
3. Using the 187 brush from MAC, set everything in with the Mineralize SkinFinish Natural Powder from MAC (Medium Dark)
4. Using the MAC 188 brush, powder the cheeks with a lighter shade of powder, I used the Sculpting Kit from Makeup Forever
in 4
5. Next use the dark color from the sculpting kit to define cheekbones, use the 187 brush to blend out the area on top making it appear smooth
6. ApplyMAC blush to the apple of the cheeks using a blush brush

Finish by blending any unsmooth areas with the 187 brush and add highlighter if desired