By Huda Heidi Kattan


It was really exciting to have lunch with Adriana Lima today! She is here for Victoria’s Secret of course–they have a 10 million dollar bra in Dubai Mall at the VS store there! Their last diamond bra, the Fantasy Bra actually sold in the middle east (I know, that’s cray cray), so we’ll see if this one sells here as well! Of course I had to ask her for some of her favorite beauty secrets and I LOVED that they were all DIY!

One of her favorite things to do is put Coconut Water on her face! I have never heard that before, but her skin was so unreal–literally glowing, even and flawless! She said she just soaks a cotton pad in Coconut Water, then puts in all over her face. It helps make her skin glow and also keeps it healthy. She also likes to pop her Coconut Water in the fridge and soak cotton balls and put them on her eyes for bags–she swore by this! Last, she said Avocado’s give her hair super moisture and keep it healthy and shiny! I loved these quick tips and we all know DIY is sometimes the best beauty remedy for our skin, hair, and body!

If you guys want to meet Adriana Lima today, she will actually be in Mall of the Emirates signing autographs at the Victoria’s Secret from 6-8PM! She is soooo nice and down to earth! Make sure you guys go! 🙂