By Huda Heidi Kattan

The other day while I was getting a massage, I was pleasantly surprised when my masseur told me that I needed a facial!  Wearing makeup everyday and after coming back from a slightly longer plane ride can do some damage to your skin, and boy did it take a toll on me! I have a confession to make, this is so out of character, but after being exhausted, I didn’t wash my face a few days and I really noticed my pores started looking larger than usual! I basically freaked out! I made an appointment with Sister’s Salon in Dubai Mall and boy did they help me out! I had the most amazing facial there, called the Rose Facial with extraction! It was incredible! My pores literally look like they are non exsistent and my skin has never felt softer!! Not to mention the amazing women there took great care of me! The facial lasted over one hour and was one of the most relaxing things I had done in a looong time!! I highly recommend it!!!!

If you are not in the UAE, call your local spa and ask them about extraction facials with organic products!! Amazing for reducing pores and the organic skin is great for sensitive skin!