By Huda Heidi Kattan

I remember it being winter, about 5 years ago. I was studying at the University of Michigan Dearborn and it was cooold! I had a date, with my husband (who was then my fiance) and my lips were atrocious–chapped, dry, and NOT soft! I needed a quick fix and all I had with me was my Smith Rosebud Salve.  I put it on quickly, hoping that it would work some magic on my less than perfect lips. To my amazement, within 20 minutes of putting it on my lips (just in time to meet my hubby), they were soft, super soft!  I now carry this product with me everywhere! It is always in my kit and I use it on models to get smooth lips fast.  It is regarded by multiple beauty sites at one of the top softening lip balms. I swear by this!!

Available in Dubai, Mazaya Center (beauty store there, name not available) and at Sephora

image courtesy of theinsider