By Huda Heidi Kattan

When I first saw the ad campaign for the Ciate Caviar nails one word came to mind: HAAAUUTE!!! Of course they are super gorgeous, but a lot of times ad campaigns just show beautiful pictures with the kits are impossible to use! I was a bit worried when I saw beads, I kept imaging beads falling around everywhere! After I applied a top coat I was shocked at just how well these actually stayed on! Very easy to use and stays on pretty well! I must say, I am impressed!

I loooove the black color, but I must warn you if you only apply one coat, the nail polish could show through, check out the white one I did below, I only did one coat and you can see the strokes! Make sure you do two!!

Available in the UAE at Sisters Salon, US at Sephora, UK & Europe Ciate online