By Huda Heidi Kattan

I was so excited when I got the Philips Lumea at home hair removal system, but I was honestly skeptic since I had tried everything, literally from the No!No! to Kim Kardashian’s Tria at home Laser Hair Removal and pretty much everything quite frankly sucked! When I got the Philps Lumea, I thought, it looks really cool, but it reminds me of a Charlie’s Angel gun, but So far, I have to say, this system works awesome!

What I like about this versus the rest of their competitors, is the battery last much longer and it is really easy to use, like seriously easy! All you do is press it against your skin and wait for the light to turn green and then press the button on the handle, then you can move to the next location. It’s so easy! I thought my skin would be too dark, but the green light lets you know when it is ok to use, if your skin is too dark, it won’t light up. Now for the pain…I was so scared it would hurt, that I didn’t use it for a whole week avoiding it! When I finally did use it, I tried it on the first setting (number 1) and there was NO pain! Yaay! Sooo, I decided to try it on the second setting and a little pain, since I am the biggest baby when it comes to hair removal, I left it on the second setting (it goes up to 5).

The directions say to use this for every 2 weeks for 2 months for complete hair removal! Now being the hairy woman I am, I am definitely going to try this! I will let you guys know how it goes, but so far, I love it and if this will remove all my hair, then it is worth the 2500 AED price tag (a fraction of the cost for professional hair removal)!

Available at Galeries Lafayette where electronics are sold

image credits beautywoome