By Huda Heidi Kattan

Being a beauty lover, you kind of get use to crazy gimmicks that promise sometimes insane results, like oh I don’t know… a new face!  As weird as this one might sound bee stings have actually proven a TON of success with celebrities, royals, and other clients who have tried it. This actually makes a lot of sense…your face is stimulated (via the bee sting), which causes blood to rush to the area that is infected and then causes it to repair by producing collagen (which helps mask wrinkles and makes skin look plump)!

So who knows where we will be in 10 years or so, but face creams and serums have been proving to become better and better at removing the signs of aging. While nothing has yet improved the skins appearance as dastically as Botox, there has been some serious changes that have reversed wrinkles, age spots, and other markers that make us look our age, or sometimes older!

The cream is supposed to sting when applied (since it’s full of Bee Venom), but the affects seem promising! Would you try it?