By Huda Heidi Kattan

Ok, I have a huge secret to confess! This might actually sound funny, but a few weeks ago when I launched Saks’ Beauty Week, I got a lot of compliments on my legs! No, not because I have great legs, but on the color and skin tone! If you know me well, you know I NEVER leave the house without using Body Bling from Scott Barnes! I was soooo happy to see it at the West LA Boutique this Saturday, that I knew I had to write about it!

Huda’s Tip: Now, I want to let you guys know how I use it! First of all, I should probably start by saying I DON’T have flawless legs! I’m actually really prone to ingrown hairs, which sucks! Even though I don’t wax, I have to scrub like crazy, or I get ingrown hairs growing left and right like wildfire! They don’t exactly leave a pretty mark behind, so I have to cover that up! Ok, I actually mix a drop of foundation with a good amount of Body Bling, when I apply this to my legs it gives my skin the most beautiful tone and color! It looks perfectly even toned and flawless! Ever wonder how celebrities look perfect head-to-toe? Now you know! I literally do this for every bride I do (I do this for their decolletage and back)! For the legs, I recommend using the Original (which is quite bronze), for the decolletage, I like the Platinum since it is more pearly toned!

I think I might actually do a video for this, let me know if you guys want to see it!! πŸ™‚