By Huda Heidi Kattan


While you may not exactly kiss your BB Cream Goodbye, you may very well want to say hello to yet another NEW beauty must, CC Cream! Personally, I LOVE the idea of a BB Cream! A cream that fights acne CHECK, give you sun protection CHECK, makes you look pretty CHECK (It’s basically you’re Tinted Moisturizer on steroids)! But one of the newest things to come out of Asia is CC Cream! CC Creams are basically supped up BB Creams (I love that they keep taking this forward, I can’t wait till we find one cream that makes you look pretty and lose weight)! It stands for Color Control and it works very much similar to BB Creams that brighten and even tone skin! So you would get all that acne-fighting-sun-protecting-tinted-moisturizer goodness, just with some added brightening and tightening. I am SUPER psyched, although no word of when they will hit the middle east! Chanel has already launched in Asia and Olay is launching this October in the US. Looks like I will be importing a fair share of CC Creams! 🙂

Would you want to try this or have you had enough of these alphabet creams? Anyone have a BB Cream you love?! My favorite is Maybelline’s BB Cream which I got in the states this summer!