By Huda Heidi Kattan

Hey Huda
I thought I should tell you your blog has changed how I do my makeup! I read it every day and when I get home it’s one of my first things to do! I hope you can answer my question because I really need your help! My wedding is around the corner but my feels awful with no glow and it just feels tired maybe from all the wedding stuff. I also am breaking out maybe because of stress. I wish you could come to France to do my makeup if there is any chance

Hi darling! Oh you’re so sweet!!! Right now, my schedule is pretty crazy:) But if you ever come to Dubai, I would loooove to do your makeup! HUGE Congrats on the wedding! How exciting!! :))

Ok boo, now to your skin question, have you tried rose water? I swear it’s one of my favorite things to use to help keep skin clear and under control! And it’s actually really easy to use! All you need to do is apply some rose water to a cotton ball and apply it all over at night! I also LOVE making it into a scrub! It’s really easy!Β  Just mix 1 part ground almonds with 2 parts rose water! Rose water is AMAZING for your skin and it will help give it that glow and really clear up any acne as well! I love it!! It’s a kitchen cabinet must!

Don’t stress over your wedding beautiful! Remember, your hubby adores you already, so just enjoy being together and don’t be bothered by all the wedding details! Trust me, everything will be perfect! The day before my wedding I didn’t have a veil since there was an issue. I had to drive to a boutique to find one that looked good on my head and wit my dress at 9pm at night! There was also a football match and everyone was celebrating in the streets! I got caught in this with 15 minutes before the store closed! It was crazy, but you know what…it all worked out:)